More People Would Get Vaccine if Not for All The Lies! ~ PAYING ATTENTION! with TOM DUGGAN


Aug. 2021

If you’re looking for someone to blame for all the unvaccinated deaths in this country, look no further than the “news” media and government officials.

Despite the fact that the vast majority of the “news” media continues to blame Donald Trump and his supporters for refusing to take the vaccine – the fact is, 60% of the people who have yet to get vaccinated are Black and Latino Americans.

I’m pretty sure they are not taking their marching orders from Donald Trump.

Maybe they are refusing to take the vaccine because they remember the entire CNN “news” crew, Joe Biden, and Kamala Harris condemning the vaccine while Trump was in office, explicitly telling the public it was not safe.

Of course, now that the Democrats are in full control of Washington D.C. their tune has changed.

From day one, you have been lied to so much about this pandemic that a large number of people have no faith in medical “experts” media “experts” or political “leaders”.

The have all, in unison, made matter-of-fact declarations about this virus, only to flip-flop to the exact opposite position as if what they said the day before never even happened.

Here are just some of the lies you’ve been told so far:

The Covid virus is transmissible from surfaces! Therefore, we must lock down the country.

But, don’t worry it’s only for 15 days to “flatten the curve”.

Make that 30 days.

Did we say 30 days? Well the “science’ says maybe 60 days.

Never mind, just stay home until further notice, we’ll let you know when you have permission to leave the house.

Make sure you wipe down your mail and your groceries!

Oh wait …. the science changed; you can’t get COVID from surfaces.
But NO, we won’t reopen the country just yet!

No need to wear a mask they do not work.

OK, forget what we said yesterday, they DO work, you should wear one.

Make it TWO masks … maybe you should wear three!

In fact, masks should be mandatory.

Never, ever take medication not approved by the FDA.

There will never be a vaccine in less than five years.

If the vaccine comes out under Trump don’t take it, it isn’t safe.

WAIT, we have a vaccine?

You should take this!

No, it’s NOT approved by the FDA, but take it anyway.

In Fact, we are going to force some people to take it. Everyone else should take it too so you don’t have to wear a mask!

OH, you got the vaccine?

Well, you STILL have to wear a mask!

Why are so many people not taking the vaccine?



Hey look, a new thing – “Breakthrough Cases” – you know, when people who took the vaccine get the virus anyway.

But, don’t you dare say it doesn’t work or you are spreading “misinformation”!

Children don’t need the vaccine because the “science” says kids don’t get sick and don’t transmit the virus.

OK, forget that part about kids not getting sick, we have to mandate kids be vaccinated.

While we’re at it, kids should wear masks at school.

* I could go on, in fact I edited down the list of lies for space reasons, but I could have included 30 more.

The fact is, people refuse to take the vaccine for one reason and one reason only, they’ve had enough of the shameless dishonesty and political double speak from people claiming to be “experts”.

It’s time our leaders start telling us the truth – the whole truth. We are adults and we can handle it.

If they continue to lie, more people will refuse to take the vaccine and more people will die.

When that happens the one thing we know for sure is that they will blame Donald Trump, or someone else, anyone but themselves and their own deceitful narratives for the needless loss of life. ◊