Nazis and Commies and Violence, OH MY – Why Confederate Statues Must Come Down

Duggan-PayingAttention August 13, 2017

A Response to Charlottesville

I’ve long said that it is a stain on this country’s contemporary culture that there exists even one monument to a Confederate soldier in America – or one Confederate flag flying over a government building.

The civil war may have been complicated, but one thing that is not complicated is the fact that a “rebellious” – that means traitorous – army attacked the United States.

They mounted a war to break up the union and they lost. It doesn’t matter what each individual was fighting for.

What matters is that they took up arms against the United States and for that, any honor bestowed to a Confederate of any kind should never have existed, much less exist in 2017.

 To honor them is to glorify breaking up the United States.

To display their battle flag on a government building or property is no different historically than flying a Nazi flag in Jerusalem. 


There are real Nazis here in the U.S. and across the globe today. 

The rise of this “white nationalism” and Nazi allure in our culture has been largely stoked by irresponsible politicians and their cohorts in the “news media”.

They create policies that disadvantage white people simply because they are white, based on the idea that other white people once did racist things. That is racism. We ought to call it that. It creates hate and resentment.

Add to that the media obsession with falsely and publicly accusing people of being racists or Nazis on a routine basis – ruining peoples lives – for simply holding a different political view, or telling a joke.

It’s important to draw a distinction between American conservatism which is routinely and falsely equated with such hate, and the real Nazis who want to kill Jews. That kind of reckless false equivalency dangerously cheapens the horror that is real white supremacy.

Today we saw the real thing.  

They weren’t mainstream conservative republicans. They were real white supremacists. 

The President condemned it in the strongest terms. And as usual, he is being condemned for not using the words the media wants him to use. They also attacked him for saying there was culpability on “many sides” today. 

There is. 

Right wing violence in the US has been mostly non-existent in recent memory compared to the blatant left wing violence we have seen on college campuses, in the streets of Ferguson, and Baltimore, and may other cities. Violence which was glorified by Hollywood, the media, and reckless politicians.


There is a one sided media narrative where rioters are called “protesters” based on the side of the debate they are on – where the police are always wrong when the suspect is black – where the riots at Berkeley were never called “left wing violence”, but one individual Donald Trump supporter punches a guy in the face and it’s considered a catastrophic sign of “right wing violence” – when President Trump is a bought and paid for commie puppet for Vladamir Putin one day, and a secret Nazi white supremacist the very next day.

A backlash to such widespread falsehoods should be expected to anyone who reads history.

There is no excuse for violence except in self defense or the defense of others.

What we saw on television with our own eyes in Charlottesville were protesters on both sides of the Confederate controversy committing violence.

They were not all defending themselves.

Some were hiding behind the fact that the people they were protesting against are despicable human beings, and used that as an excuse to commit violence themselves.

Yet, only one side is being blamed.

Both of those facts are inexcusable. 

The truth should always be the truth no matter the views of the people involved. Engaging in a pattern of distorting that truth only creates more hatred and violence. 

It creates a culture where haters can legitimately point to the media lies, and use those lies to recruit people with their own narrative of a government which treats white people differently based on their race, and an anti-White media cabal – all wrapped up in a delusional white supremacist solution. 

The problem is, that cabal exists. 

Just as neo-Nazis and confederate sympathizers exist.

Telling the truth about both is the fist step to eradicating both.

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