No Accountability for Abandoning Americans Behind Enemy Lines ~ VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL



Sept. 2021

We agree with both Presidents Donald Trump and Joe Biden, that it was time to withdraw our troops and end the occupation of Afghanistan.

We should have left 18 years ago when those who participated in the 9/11 attacks were either killed or neutralized.

What we do not agree with, is President Biden’s cowardice when he withdrew our military on the Taliban’s timeline, and before every American was home safe, especially when he promised those trapped Americans that he would not leave without them.

In short, Biden kept his promise to the terrorist Taliban and broke his promise to the American people. That decision and the ramifications of that decision are squarely on President Biden.

As a result, days before the military was finished their withdrawal, the Taliban had already taken over the entire country, controlled all access roads, controlled access to water, electricity, and yes, the Kabul Airport. They also allowed the slaughter of 13 American soldiers.

Yet, Biden blamed Donald Trump.

He blamed the Afghan forces who fled.

He blamed Americans who were unable to get out because the terrorists blocked their exit.

Everyone but himself.

We find it downright treasonous to abandon Americans behind enemy lines under any circumstances. Period.

Just imagine trying to get to the Kabul airport only to see the last plane leaving without you – all the while terrorists are hunting you like dogs to torture and kill you. Imagine the feeling of knowing nobody is coming to save you – that your president doesn’t care about your life.

The absolute worst part of all this is that nobody is being held accountable for those purposely left behind in a terror-controlled country. Nobody is going back in to get them.

Nobody is being held accountable for the billions wasted. Nobody is being held accountable for the thousands of needless deaths.

Nobody is being held accountable for the decision to leave billions in top secret military weapons for the terrorists to use against us in the future – or commit terror against their own citizens.

Nobody is being held accountable for the 18 years of lies that led to all of this.

There is nothing right about any of it.

What we now know is that the American backed Afghan government was a sham all along.

Also, a sham was the Afghan army, whose soldiers we paid better than our own, only to watch them run away when we stopped paying them.
(Who couldn’t see that one coming?)

Certainly, our intelligence community was a sham for 18 years, as every single thing they said was a lie.

But the biggest sham of all was the dog and pony show our military leaders and politicians put on successfully for 18 years with the media’s complicity.

Saddest of all, brave Americans like Johanny Pichardo – and all the other troops who died in Afghanistan – paid for these lies with their very lives.

All of this was avoidable.

All of it.

The American people cannot let any of this stand.

Otherwise, we will all remember August 31, 2021 as the day America stopped being America. ◊