No Sympathy for Roxbury Residents ~ VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL (02-24)

Feb. 2024

The people of Roxbury – in particular Roxbury’s Black residents – are furious at Democrat Governor Maura Healey for taking away their community center to house the illegal aliens that the Biden Administration has purposely brought into the country. Next, they will be thrown out of public housing.

We completely understand their anger and frustration as they are being treated like second-class citizens in their own country, shoved aside while the Democrats make the needs of illegal aliens their top priority and ignore their impact on the Black community.

But, it’s hard to have much sympathy for them when you take into account the fact that they voted for Joe Biden and the Democrat Party agenda by an 9 to 1 margin in the last presidential election.

As a candidate for president, Joe Biden promised that he was going to throw the Mexican border wide open and welcome in every person on the planet without so much as a background check.

He then viciously attacked anyone who objects to his open-border platform, calling them “racist” and heartless “Nazis,” using fear and division every time his poll numbers went down.

Even Governor Maura Healey – with all her white privilege – ran for office promising to back the Democrat Party’s efforts to keep the borders open, and spend more of your tax money on housing for illegal aliens because, “white supremacy!”

She didn’t care that a historic number of Massachusetts residents are living on the streets (especially in Roxbury) with no help from their elected officials at all.

Yet, knowing all of this – and despite the fact that illegal immigration impacts Black communities the most – the people of Roxbury all ran out and voted for Joe Biden (and then two years later, Maura Healey), in record numbers anyway.

So, it’s hard to feel bad for them now that they are getting what they voted for.

We would be delighted if they finally learned their lesson from this experience of betrayal, and abandoned the Democrat Party the way the Democrats have abandoned them over and over again.

But, we have all seen this movie before and we all know how it ends – including the Democrats.

They know all too well that they can abuse Black and Latino voters in between elections and all they have to do is yell about “white supremacy” come election time and their base of support will come running back for fear that the evil White Republicans are gonna “put them all back in chains.”

We think this would be a good time to remind the people of Roxbury (and the people of Lawrence who are up next) of that famous quote by former President Barack Obama who once said, “elections have consequences.”

Well, the people of Roxbury are now suffering the consequences of voting en-masse for their Democrat masters.

Yet, as mad as they are right now, we all know that come November they will do it again because the irrational phobia of “white supremacy” is far more powerful than the prospect of losing public housing and a community center.

We say, Roxbury residents should stop all their complaining now and just take it, because there’s a lot more coming after the next election! ◊