Nope, The Shriners Convention had Nothing on These Guys

By: Jeff Katz – September, 2012

Every four years our political parties hold conventions for the purpose of writing a platform and nominating a couple of folks to lead the free world. In between those functions, we get to see a bunch of balloons and really silly hats and we are entertained with any number of speeches. While this year was really no different overall, there were a few highlights and lowlights which I feel compelled to address.

First up from Tampa, the Republicans had an abbreviated event thanks to an uninvited guest, and I don’t mean Ron Paul. The GOP convention was marked by some high and low moments to be sure. On the negative end of things, the party establishment marginalized Ron Paul’s delegates and made sweeping changes in something called Rule 12. Without too much wonk jargoneering let me just say that this was a real attack on the conservative wing of the Republican Party and a major blow to actual boots on the ground activists who deserve to be saluted and supported not slapped down. Look for this to be addressed again.

Some of the bright lights of the Tampa affair included speeches by Condoleezza Rice, Susana Martinez, Marco Rubio, Nikki Haley, Ted Cruz and Mia Love. Sadly for the dozen or so viewers of MSDNC they did not get a chance to enjoy these speeches because the MSDNC equipment apparently is unable to hold focus on Republicans who do not fit their description of the GOP as the party of old white guys. It was fascinating to hear Chris Matthews, his leg all tingle, rant about racism while his own lily white network chose to ignore the many wonderful speakers I’ve just mentioned. Of course his cohorts and fellow White House staffers Andrea Mitchell and Chuck Todd kept repeating these same lines ad nauseum, facts be damned.

Chris Christie was good but not great. Clint Eastwood seemed rather lost at times, but the visual of President Empty Chair will remain for some time. A real stand out was former Congressman Artur Davis who, as a Democrat, had actually seconded the nomination of Barack Obama four years prior. This time, he gave voice to so many who had signed on to the hope and change promises only to be so very disappointed. Ann Romney was classy, Mitt Romney was solid and Paul Ryan was seriously serious about the crisis we face. I will again remind RINO John McCain that we cannot miss him if he won’t go away. Oh and it would be great if he would take that annoying Bippsie McCain with him.

My former hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina was the scene of the Democrats’ National Convention and my what an affair it was.
Featured guests included an illegal alien, a mayor whose wife divorced him after he was discovered having an affair, a video tribute to a deceased senator who has the only confirmed kill in the war on women, a former president who was impeached over the issues of perjury and obstruction of justice and a thoroughly fraudulent weather forecast which resulted in the dear leader’s speech being moved indoors to avoid a 10% chance of rain and a 100% chance of embarrassment due to the 50,000 empty seats he either created or saved.

But I suppose the real punch line to the Obamafest had to be the declaration by our Vice-President and official court jester of the United States who declared that his long dead father was a big fan of his boss. I can only assume that the late Pops Biden will be voting in November, maybe twice if he was laid to rest in Chicago.