Northern Essex Awards More Than $200,000 in Scholarships


Recently, 216 Northern Essex Community College students were awarded 236 scholarships totaling more than $200,000 for the 2014/2015 academic year.

“Our students are deeply appreciative of the many generous individuals and organizations that make these scholarships possible,” said Jean Poth, vice president of institutional advancement. “For many of our students, a scholarship is what allows them to stay in school.”

The majority of scholarships range from $500 to $1,000 and come from a variety of sources, including private donors, memorial donations, local businesses, and private foundations.

Several new memorial scholarships were awarded this year including The John B. Guarino Memorial Scholarship, The Francis W. “Fran” Cleary, Jr. Memorial Scholarship, The Colleen Ritzer Memorial Scholarship, The Kathy Proietti Memorial Scholarship, and the Matthew W. Poth Memorial Scholarship.

“Establishing a scholarship can be a very appropriate way of honoring an individual,” said Poth. “A scholarship also is a very effective way of giving back to the community since the great majority of our students are from the Merrimack Valley.”

To establish a permanent endowed scholarship, donors must make a minimum donation of $10,000. For more information, contact Jean Poth at 978-556-3624 or

Scholarship recipients for 2014/2015 are:

Amesbury, MA

                                    Daniel Axten                              Mrs. Helen D. Flynn Scholarship

                                    Daniel Axten                              Provident Bank Scholarship

                                    Margaret Davis                           Provident Bank Scholarship

                                    Margaret Davis                           NECC PACE Program Scholarship

                                    Christopher Fawcett                     Greater Newburyport Community Center Foundation Scholarship       

                                    Matthew Gingras                         Haverhill Community Television Transfer Scholarship

                                    Kathleen Harrigan-Ross                Raney Family Memorial Scholarship

                                    Sheri McGlew                             Deborah Pifer Memorial Scholarship

                                    Daniel Morrill                              NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Alexandra Pires-Michals               Institution for Savings Charitable Foundation Scholarship

                                    Adelia Purdy                               NECC Alumni Association Scholarship for Incoming Freshman

                                    Jared Richard                             Follett Bookstore Gift Card

                                    Lucia Saavedra                           Daniel E. Coleman, MD Respiratory Therapy Scholarship

                                    Josephine Sebagisha                    Samuel & Ruth Feldstein Memorial Scholarship

                                    Josephine Sebagisha                    Dr. John Spurk Memorial Scholarship

                                    Kelsey Terry                               Merrimac Savings Bank Scholarship

                                    Kelsey Terry                               NECC Honors Experience Scholarship

                                    Jennifer Weiss                             Institution for Savings Charitable Foundation Scholarship

    Andover, MA

                                    Alicia Bursey                              NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Alicia Bursey                              Judy Savino Memorial Scholarship

                                    Chandler Maagoul                       NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Maryann O’Connell                     NECC Honors Experience Scholarship

                                    Caroline O’Farrell                         Women of NECC Scholarship

                                    Anthony Sampietro                     Donald Pailes Memorial Scholarship

                                    Christopher Schwartz                   NECC Foundation, Inc. Incoming Freshman Scholarship

    Boston, MA

                                    Krishana Abrahim                       Women of NECC Scholarship

                                    Nikita Espinal-Bodden                 NECC Student Leadership Development Scholarship

    Bradford, MA

                                    Mary Amaro                              NECC Foundation, Inc. Incoming Freshman Scholarship

                                    Anthony Buccini                         NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Andrew Cantwell                         Edward J. Sheehan Memorial Scholarship

                                    Kevin Farley                               NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Kevin Farley                               Follett Bookstore Gift Card

                                    Olga Hartzavalos                        NECC PACE Program Scholarship

                                    Olga Hartzavalos                        Virginia Noonan – Paula Strangie Memorial Scholarship

                                    Deanna LeBlanc                         NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Rebecca Purcell                           Gannett Welsh & Kotler, LLC Scholarship

                                    Sabrina Sawyer                           Attorney Joseph C. Edwards Scholarship

                                    Sandra Seneca                            Lars G. Nichols Memorial Scholarship

    Dracut, MA

                                    Adreanna DiCostanzo                  Women of NECC Scholarship

                                    Jonathan Joaquin                        Harold R. Lynch Memorial Scholarship

                                    Rachel Lareau                            Kathy Proietti Memorial Scholarship

                                    Alexandra Leavitt                       Follett Bookstore Gift Card

                                    Jounaidou Mbouemboue              J. Herbert Kimball & John Rogers Memorial Scholarship

    Framingham, MA

                                    Bianca Hoffmeister                     Follett Bookstore Gift Card

    Georgetown, MA

                                    Paul D’Eon                                 Louis A. Gigliotti Memorial Scholarship

                                    Jodi Gauron                                McConnell Family Memorial Nursing Scholarship

    Groveland, MA

                                    Jessica Carnes                             NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Adriana Quintiliani                      Pentucket Medical Associates, Inc. Health Professions Scholarship

                                    Adriana Quintiliani                      NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

    Haverhill, MA

                                    Bergen Ambrose                          NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Maria Aquino                             Agnes & Francis J. Bevilacqua Memorial Scholarship

                                    Jose Arroyo                                NECC Alumni Association Scholarship

                                    Ryan Balachandran                    NECC Foundation, Inc. Incoming Freshman Scholarship

                                    Kate Bevilacqua                         NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Nick Bouchard                            Covanta Energy Corporation Scholarship

                                    Chelsea Brown                            Haverhill Bank Scholarship

                                    Hannah Buffum                         NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Jean Chiraque                             Raney Family Memorial Scholarship

                                    Maria Colon                               NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Joseph Cruz                                Attorney Joseph C. Edwards Scholarship

                                    Precious Darko                            Daniel Wilson Holroyd Memorial Scholarship

                                    Alex Demarais                            Follett Bookstore Gift Card

                                    Megan Gannon                           LeBlanc Family Scholarship

                                    Elfie Grusing                               Deborah Pifer Memorial Scholarship

                                    Valerie Gutierrez                          Dr. John G. Santos Environmental Education Scholarship

                                    Mary Harris                                NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Yosmarlin Infante                       John B. Guarino Memorial Scholarship

                                    Alexis Khalil                               NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Zachary Lacroix                         NECC Alumni Association Scholarship

                                    Sarah Mahan                             NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Andre Martinez                           NECC Alumni Association Scholarship

                                    Alexandra McArthur                    Women of NECC Scholarship

                                    Shianne McGilvray                      Pentucket Bank Scholarship

                                    Ala McNamara                           Dr. John G. Santos Environmental Education Scholarship

                                    Justin Merced                             NECC Honors Experience Scholarship

                                    Justin Merced                             Angela R. Guarino Memorial Scholarship

                                    Roscel Mesta                              NECC Alumni Association Scholarship for Incoming Freshman

                                    Emmanuel Ogbodo                      Rotary Club of Haverhill Scholarship

                                    Gina Ortiz                                  Follett Bookstore Gift Card

                                    Jessica Palmer                             NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Chelsea Patti                              NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Dawn Pendleton                          Irene J. & Michael A. Bevilacqua Memorial Scholarship

                                    Angeli Perez-Rodriguez                 Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Squatrito Scholarship

                                    Marie Phillips                              NECC PACE Program Transfer Scholarship

                                    Maria Rabadad                          NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Elizabeth Rosado                        Women of NECC Scholarship

                                    Luz Rosario                                NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Yarymar Rosario                         NECC Foundation, Inc. Incoming Freshman Scholarship

                                    Deshawn Singleton                      Sherman J. Morrison Memorial Scholarship

                                    Everson Taveras                         Haverhill Community Television Transfer Scholarship

                                    Benjamin Tavitian                      Attorney Joseph C. Edwards Scholarship

                                    Samantha Titus                          NECC PACE Program Transfer Scholarship

    Ipswich, MA

                                    Brendon Hurley                          NECC Foundation, Inc. Incoming Freshman Scholarship

                                    Jonathan O’Brien                         NECC Alumni Association Scholarship for Incoming Freshman

    Lawrence, MA

                                    Jeanette Arias                             Janavicus Family Scholarship

                                    Mayerley Astacio Grullon             NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Angel Augusto                            NECC PACE Program Transfer Scholarship

                                    Yesenia Berrios                           NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Lyford Beverage                         National Grid Scholarship

                                    Lyford Beverage                         NECC Alumni Association Scholarship

                                    Samuel Beverage                        NECC Honors Experience Scholarship

                                    Dary Cabral                               Follett Bookstore Gift Card

                                    Sonia Cancel                              NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Jason Castillo                             Women of NECC Scholarship

                                    Jasmin Chazulle                          NECC PACE Program Scholarship

                                    Jorge Collado                              Churchill Stafford Memorial Scholarship

                                    Timothy Dacey                           NECC PACE Program Transfer Scholarship

                                    Sugeily De Coo                           NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Anna De Jesus                            NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Joel La Cruz                                      NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Yacaira De La Cruz                     Dr. John G. Santos Environmental Education Scholarship

                                    Jeancarlos Diaz                           NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Nathaniel Diaz                            NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Luis Disla                                   Torrisi Family Scholarship

                                    Yanely Dominguez                      NECC PACE Program Transfer Scholarship

                                    Jose Estrella                                NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Amy Fabian                               NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Adrian Gonzalez                         Follett Bookstore Gift Card

                                    Elimer Gonzalez                          Women of NECC Scholarship

                                    Paola Guerrero                            Follett Bookstore Gift Card

                                    Laura Gutierrez                           NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Laura Gutierrez                           Barney Gallagher Journalism Scholarship

                                    Saimer Jimenez Morales               Matthew W. Poth Memorial Scholarship

                                    Anderson Lara                            NECC PACE Program Transfer Scholarship

                                    Dayanna Martes                         NECC PACE Program Scholarship

                                    Brenda Martinez                         NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Nilson Mata                               NECC PACE Program Scholarship

                                    Jonathan Matos                          Women of NECC Scholarship

                                    Jims Mezidor                              NECC PACE Program Transfer Scholarship

                                    Adriana Monterroso                     NECC Foundation, Inc. Incoming Freshman Scholarship

                                    Diana Morales                            Professor Robert A. Paul Memorial Scholarship

                                    Gabriela Morales                         Follett Bookstore Gift Card

                                    Jorge Morales                             NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Mageline Morales                        Women of NECC Scholarship

                                    Thais Moron                               E. Haffner Fournier Family Scholarship

                                    Dolores Olivo                              NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Scarlett Orozco                           NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Brendaliz Ortega                         Raney Family Memorial Scholarship

                                    Jamiel Ortiz                                Santander Scholarship

                                    Niris Ortiz                                   NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Doris Ovalle                                NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Yalisa Paulino                             NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Yaritza Perez                              NECC PACE Program Transfer Scholarship

                                    Kiara Pichardo                            Michael G. Stevens Memorial Scholarship

                                    Kiara Pichardo                            Women of NECC Scholarship

                                    Samantha Poirier                         Betty Beland Memorial Scholarship

                                    Andres Polanco                           NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Nelsy Quezada                            NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Engerls Ramirez                          NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Luis Ramos                                NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Cristhian Reyes                           Follett Bookstore Gift Card

                                    Sharindelle Reyes                        NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Katie Rios                                  Follett Bookstore Gift Card

                                    Geraldin Rivera                           NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Ana Rodriguez                            Hale Hospital Auxiliary Scholarship

                                    Shanaly Rodriguez                      Women of NECC Scholarship

                                    Jeanette Rosales                          NECC Foundation, Inc. Incoming Freshman Scholarship

                                    Vanessa Sanchez                        NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Jasmin Savinon                           NECC PACE Program Scholarship

                                    Arielle Tejada                             Follett Bookstore Gift Card

                                    Yurima Toledo                            NECC PACE Program Scholarship

                                    Jose Valdez                                Women of NECC Scholarship

                                    Christopher Vasquez                    NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Joanel Vasquez                           NECC PACE Program Transfer Scholarship

                                    William Vega                              NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

    Lowell, MA

                                    Jane Mwangi-Caraccio                 NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Jane Mwangi-Caraccio                 Follett Bookstore Gift Card

                                    Yanina Vasquez                          NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

    Melrose, MA

                                    Kristin Curry                               James & Anna Rurak Memorial Scholarship

    Merrimac, MA

                                    Nicola Crawford                          Follett Bookstore Gift Card

                                    Faith Gregory                              NECC Leaders of Tomorrow & Today Scholarship

                                    Faith Gregory                              Women of NECC Scholarship

                                    Crissy Hadley                             NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

    Methuen, MA

                                    Brady Abraham                          Northeast Association of REALTORS, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Yamiris Adrian                            Donald Pailes Memorial Scholarship

                                    Jonathan Aguilar                         NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Joseph Akiki                               NECC PACE Program Transfer Scholarship

                                    Tanya Bourassa                          Colleen Ritzer Memorial Scholarship

                                    Mohamed Bouzaga                     NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Susan Bowser                             Moore Family Scholarship

                                    Ashlee Byron                              NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Amanda Clooney                        NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Karolyn Fernandez                      NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Rosselin Florentino                      NECC PACE Program Transfer Scholarship

                                    Courtney Hale                            NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Victoria Iacovella                        Kathryn F. Moyes Memorial Scholarship

                                    Marlon Marte                             NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Heidi Moreno                             Follett Bookstore Gift Card

                                    Thuy Nguyen                              Francis W. Cleary, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

                                    Thuy Nguyen                              NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    James Nicosia                             Follett Bookstore Gift Card

                                    Ashley Nonon                             NECC PACE Program Transfer Scholarship

                                    Grecia Paredes                            Women of NECC Scholarship

                                    Kelli Peek                                   NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Serena Schwartz                          NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Eric Smith                                  NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

    Newbury, MA

                                    Melissa Houlihan                        Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Squatrito Scholarship

    Newburyport, MA

                                    Brenda Curry                              Newburyport Five Cents Savings Bank Scholarship

                                    Kelleigh Lawrence                       Institution for Savings Charitable Foundation Scholarship

                                    Christine Ogilvie                          Dr. John & Audrey Dimitry Scholarship

                                    Christine Ogilvie                          NECC Leaders of Tomorrow & Today Scholarship

    North Andover, MA

                                    Michaela Ardagna                       Chester W. and Sally Ann Hawrylciw Memorial Scholarship

                                    Yakaira Capellan                        NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Cheryl Davis                               Georgetown Bank Scholarship

                                    Haley Lister-Robbins                   Deborah Pifer Memorial Scholarship

                                    Shannon Marr                            NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Elizabeth Perry                            NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Lorraine Poitier-Butler                  NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

    Rowley, MA

                                    Angelo Bocchetti                         NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

    Salem, MA

                                    Chris Berns                                 Women of NECC Scholarship

    Salisbury, MA

                                    Maddelyn Bennett                       NECC PACE Program Scholarship

                                    Anna Curtis                                Raney Family Memorial Scholarship

                                    Jonathan Ingham                        Women of NECC Scholarship

                                    Dylan McDougall                        China Blossom Photography Scholarship

                                    Dona Webster                             NECC Leaders of Tomorrow & Today Scholarship

                                    Dona Webster                             NECC Administrators’ Association Scholarship

    Tewksbury, MA

                                    Madison Harris                           Women of NECC Scholarship

                                    Ivana Mattuchio                         Follett Bookstore Gift Card

                                    Alyssa St. Cyr     NECC Foundation, Inc. Incoming Freshman Scholarship

    Watertown, MA

                                    Lina Garcia Kosko                       President Emeritus Harold Bentley Memorial Scholarship

                                    Lina Garcia Kosko                       Quota Club of Andover Scholarship

    West Newbury, MA

                                    Eduardo Souza               Institution for Savings Charitable Foundation Scholarship

    Wells, ME

                                    Nodine-Chantelle Webster-            NECC Foundation, Inc. Incoming Freshman Scholarship

    Danville, NH

                                    Darlene Johnson                          Long-Goding Respiratory Care Scholarship

    Derry, NH

                                    Amanda Kehoe                           Women of NECC Scholarship

                                    Alison Silva                                Follett Bookstore Gift Card

    Exeter, NH

                                    Jennilee Rogers                           Provident Bank Scholarship

                                    Jennilee Rogers                           NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

    Fremont, NH

                                    Erkki Goodwin                            Women of NECC Scholarship

    Hampton Falls, NH

                                    Taylor Evans                              Everett & Margaret Cooper Memorial Scholarship

    Hudson, NH

                                    Glennis McKinley                        NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

    Kingston, NH

                                    Shawna Loehr                            Daniel J. Olenio, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

                                    Kaitlyn Sawyer                           Follett Bookstore Gift Card

    Londonderry, NH

                                    Chris Corey                                NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

    Newton, NH

                                    Linda Faghan                             Deborah Pifer Memorial Scholarship

                                    Jewel Ingalls                               Janet Bourque Memorial Scholarship

                                    Elizabeth Laskiewicz                    Women of NECC Scholarship

                                    Jake Lospennato                         Women of NECC Scholarship

                                    Amy Melvin                               NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Sandra O’Hearn                          Deborah L. Stocker Memorial Scholarship

    Pelham, NH

                                    Amanda Taylor                          NECC Foundation, Inc. Incoming Freshman Scholarship

    Plaistow, NH

                                    Melissa Budek                            Moore Family Scholarship

                                    Nicole Galvin                              NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Michael Loehr                            Dr. Ibrahim El-Hefni Technical Training Scholarship

    Salem, NH

                                    Kae Aleth Atalig                          NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                                                                                                        Devin Douglas    NECC Foundation, Inc. Incoming Freshman Scholarship

                                    Katelyn Drago                            NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Joshua Gallant    NECC Foundation, Inc. Incoming Freshman Scholarship

                                    Madisen Giordano                       NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Danielle LeBoeuf                        NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Jennifer Meisel                            Harold R. Lynch Memorial Scholarship

                                    Danielle Naser                             NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Katherine Polanco                       NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Rosewinter Sanyangowe               Dr. Fred & Emily Arrigg Family Scholarship

                                    Helen Shiepe                              NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

                                    Khadija Smith                            McConnell Family Memorial Nursing Scholarship

    Sandown, NH

                                    Elizabeth Bromm                        NECC PACE Program Transfer Scholarship

                                    Rachell McCarthy                       Women of NECC Scholarship

    Seabrook, NH

                                    Tarah MacGregor                        Provident Bank Scholarship

                                    Tarah MacGregor                        NECC Foundation, Inc. Scholarship