Now the Real Healing Begins!

Liz-WarrenBy: Peter Larocque – November, 2013

First let me say congratulations to Mayor Elect Dan Rivera. I am so proud of the kind of campaign that you ran. You kept it clean! You didn’t go down to your opponent’s level and play in his backyard. You stayed above the negativity and stayed the course! You will be a good mayor for Lawrence. Thank you for stepping up and running for mayor!

You have a real opportunity to make right on a promised made to the citizens of Lawrence 4 years ago. We were all told by the former mayor that he would be the mayor for all of Lawrence. This proved to be a bold face lie! Once he became mayor, in actuality he was mayor for just his family, and close friends and campaign supporters. The rest of us never really had a mayor. Thank God that has all changed now!

You Mr. Mayor Elect will have no problem filling your City Boards and Commissions. Citizens will love to volunteer to be a part of something positive and do their best to help you move the city forward.

God Bless you, Dan Rivera and also your wife Paula. She will be sharing you with the city of Lawrence. Dan, you will have to remember to take time and make time for her. You will be tempted, especially at the beginning of your administration, to become a workaholic. That my friend is not good for you and will ultimately be not good for us, you will have to have a good balance between work and family.

As far as mistakes go, don’t be afraid of them. They will happen, and when they do, be open and honest with the public and move forward. Remember; don’t forget to ask God for direction, He will guide you through your day.

So once again Mr. Mayor Elect, congratulations for a good, well-run Campaign!

God Bless you and God Bless Lawrence!