Ogonowski: Niki Tsongas Supports Amnesty for Illegal Aliens


“I will Support a Border Fence and Deporting Illegals”


September 21, 2007

Fifth District Congressional candidate Jim Ogonowski visited Lawrence again Friday morning holding a press conference at the Lawrence Fire Station on Lowell Street.

Jim Ogonowski
Jim Ogonowski

Ogonowski spoke for ten minutes before a small crowd of Lawrence residents declaring his support for deporting illegal aliens, building a fence on the border between the United States and Mexico and denying government services to those who have come here illegally.

Ogonowski declared today the second day of his “No Amnesty” tour across the district, starting yesterday in Dracut.

 “Today in America we have a real problem with illegal immigration and our border security is at a breaking point. Every day that we leave our borers and our ports unprotected it puts a strain on our national security, our school, and hospitals. Congress and the president can no longer fail the American people on this important issue. My friends, true immigration reform does not include amnesty for illegal immigrants.”

 Ogonowski said that congress and President Bush’s proposal to grant amnesty for illegals “a national disgrace.”

“Not once, but twice they tried to pass an immigration reform bill granting amnesty for illegal immigrants. The people didn’t want it he first time and they tried to do it again. Congress and the president have failed us on this issue. We must penalize those who break our laws. When I go to congress I make this pledge to you, my interest will be your interests, not the special interests.”

“First things first real immigration reform does not include amnesty for illegal immigrants. When I go to Washington I will deliver this message. And this is the big difference between myself and my opponents. Niki Tsongas wants to give amnesty to illegal immigrants. She wants to give them a pathway to citizenship even for those who violate our laws, somewhere between 10 and 20 million of them. For me rewarding illegal activity will never be an option.”

“She supports a pathway to citizenship for those who are here on a gust worker program and have remained here illegally. I believe illegal immigrants need to go back to their home country and apply for citizenship the right way. To me, her agenda is bad for the fifth district, bad for America and its just plain wrong.”

“She claims to be a Washington insider; her ideas represent the broken Washington that continues to fail us each and every day.

I believe our immigration system is broken we have left our borders unprotected and therefore threatens our national security.”

“I believe we must develop a comprehensive strategy for securing our borders. A strategy that actually stops people from crossing the borders illegally. I support a fence, both a physical fence and a technological fence along the border to stop the influx of illegal immigrants.”

“You know, many times your basement may flood, but before you bail out your basement you fill up the cracks, it’s the same thing. Let’s fix the border and then we can start bailing out those who are here illegally.”

Ogonowski said he believes that congress can set aside enough resources to enforce existing immigration laws and wants to give employers a means of checking the status of people who come to the United States looking for a job to ensure they are here legally.

“We must also end the police of catch and release. We’re not fishing here; this is not a fishing expedition. When illegals are caught they should never be released on U.S. soil. This seems like a no-brainer to me. I will advocate against catch and release policies and will always stand strong that illegal immigrants who are caught need to be returned to their home nation.”

Ogonowski also said that temporary work visas “must never lead to automatic citizenship.”

“Securing our borders are not enough. We need to know who is in our country and why. To do that we need to pressure the Bush administration to implement a system of keeping track of those who enter this country with a tamper proof ID.

“There are some sneaky politicians in Washington who are always looking for a way to sneak amnesty for illegal immigrants into bills that are going though congress. Just a few weeks ago Congress were considering an S-chip bill. For those of you who don’t know about this, it provides help for uninsured children with health benefits. But this is what they did in congress; they filled it with reckless spending, cuts to our seniors and benefits to those who broken our laws, the illegal immigrants. Included in this bill was legislation to allow illegal immigrants access to free government health benefits.”

“Guess what? My opponent Niki Tsonga supports that bill and then she lied about my record by saying I don’t want to help poor children. I’m not going to stand for it and neither should you. I don’t think she noticed … that we would notice she was just trying to further her agenda of giving amnesty for illegal immigrants. This is wrong.

Ogonowski shook hands with Lawrence residents and promised each of them individually that he would stand strong on border security and illegal immigration.