OPINION – Destroying Democracy in Order to Save It

By: Lenny Mirra – Feb. 2024

For a party that claims to be so concerned about protecting democracy Democrats are working awfully hard to make sure you don’t get a chance to vote for the “wrong” candidates.

It’s not enough that the party worked diligently to discard legal ballots and make sure they never get counted they’re now keeping legitimate candidates off ballots entirely. And it’s not just by abusing the Constitution to keep Trump off, which even a partisan progressive like Senator Warren disagrees with. They’re now doing it to their own candidates.

In an effort to rig the vote in Florida, Democrats voted to not allow US Rep. Dean Phillips (D-Minnesota), or anyone else for that matter, on their primary ballot. They submitted only Joe Biden’s name to the Secretary of State which means not only will he win automatically, but the contest won’t even appear on the ballot. How’s that for democracy!

I spoke to Phillips at a campaign stop in Exeter, NH where he spoke to a small crowd in a bookstore and openly explained how his own party was screwing him over to allow Biden to win the nomination without any challenge. “Americans would expect the absence of democracy in Theran, not Tallahassee.

Our mission as Democrats is to defeat authoritarians, not become them.”

Phillips is a serious candidate with an impressive record and someone Democrats should be promoting instead of disenfranchising voters to once again rig a primary for a preferred insider like they did in 2016. They seem to have forgotten how that turned out.

This is not to imply that Republicans haven’t done their fair share in trampling democracy. Their apparent nominee for president openly called for his VP to reject electoral votes to keep himself in office, and we have him on a recording telling election workers in Georgia to “find” him 11,000 votes.

This is an issue where much derided “bothsiderism” should be employed so that voters are aware of just how evil and corrupt our political parties really are. Few news outlets will report this so we’re fortunate that writers like Matt Taibii, formerly of Rolling Stone, is exposing a lot of this.

Taibii reports how back in 2004 Democrats feared Ralph Nader pilfering votes from John Kerry and tried to keep him off the ballot with ridiculous legal challenges. The Democratic state Jim Pederson claimed outright “Our first objective is to keep Nader off the ballot.” Kerry himself warned Nader he had 2,000 lawyers at his disposal and would do “everything within the law” to win by keeping Nader off the ballot.

Nader’s campaign manager Theresa Amato wrote an entire book about it called Grand Illusion. Democrats haven’t stopped.

They’re doing the same now with third party group No Labels because they dare to talk about running a third option in an election where most Americans don’t like the elderly ones propped up by the established parties.

Advocacy groups for Biden are warning them “If you have one fingernail clipping of a skeleton in your closet, we will find it…We are going to come at you with every gun we can possibly find.” This is the kind of “democracy” that would make Vladmir Putin proud.

Closer to home, Democrats are not shy about ignoring democracy in keeping their corrupt one-party grip on our government.

My sources tell me that certain State Senators actively engaged in stifling signature gathering for a ballot question that would allow our Auditor, Diana Dizoglio, to audit the legislature. And they’ve even ignored ballot initiatives passed by voters, the very definition of democracy, on issues ranging from tax cuts to capital punishment to campaign finance reform.

It’s very obvious that both parties want us to believe they’re destroying democracy in order to save it. Voters shouldn’t believe it. ◊