OPINION: Neville Chamberlain Redux

By: Theodore Xenakis – Feb. 2024

“We don’t seek a war with Iran. We’re not looking for a wider conflict in the Middle East.”

Those are the words of White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby on January 29th.
News flash Mr. Kirby. We are already at war with Iran!

When a hostile nation arms and directs militia groups in a region that surrounds US military assets to launch missiles and rockets, that’s war. Mr. Kirby and his boss, Joe Biden, can wish all they want that we are not under attack by Iran through its heavily armed militia proxies.

I won’t even mention the missiles that have targeted our troops from Iran itself.

As we all know, on Sunday, January 28th, three American service men were killed and 25 wounded in a drone attack on a US base in Jordan near the Syrian border. The drone struck a living quarters for our troops, thereby contributing to the high casualty number.

“America’s heart is heavy” said Mr. Biden on the day of the attack. Well, I know what is also heavy. The bombs that are sitting in the bomb bays of our aircraft that thus far have been held back, not to mention our cruise missiles and other weapons.

The Biden administration from top to bottom is afraid of Iran. Plain and simple. Talk about the tail wagging the dog.

In 1991, America unleashed a relentless attack on Iraq, completely obliterating its vaunted Republican Guard and one-million-man army in a matter of weeks. Our mistake was to try to make Iraq a democracy, the same mistake we made in Afghanistan.

I suggest that America now do the same to Iran. Decimate their military assets, infrastructure, and other military capabilities, including their nuclear program, and then come home. Let the Mullahs explain that to the Iranian people. Let them struggle with the chaos that will ensue.

Forget any coalition or UN resolution. Our forces have been attacked. It is high time to put this rabid dog down.

So, what’s the hold up? Incredibly, Mr. Biden and his diplomats are still trying to resurrect the nuclear deal that Biden’s youthful mentor cobbled together with haggard John Kerry, he of “do as I say and not as I do” climate czarist stature.

As Iran keeps the US busy with its proxy destabilizers in the Middle East, the Mullahs are ramping up a bigger and bigger supply of nuclear bomb grade uranium. Of course, neither Iran’s proliferating nuclear program or support of its militia proxies would be happening without the gift from first Obama and now Biden of billions of dollars.

The lifting of sanctions on Iran upon the inception of the nuclear deal in 2016 enabled Iran to sell its oil on the international market, thereby giving it an annual boost in revenues of $160 Billion. That deal also prohibited Iran from importing or exporting conventional weapons until 2020. It also curtailed Iran’s ability to import of ballistic missile technology until 2023. That ban expired last October.

Is it any wonder Iran is flexing its muscle? First Obama and then Biden have played patsies to a theocratic nation that sponsors terrorism around the globe. This is the same group that took American hostages in 1979 under the presidency of Jimmy Carter, another Democrat with no stomach for confrontation.

Let’s remember that once Ronald Regan was inaugurated in January of 1981, the Mullah’s set free the hostages. Iran was also docile while Trump was in office and told them to stuff their nuclear deal.

Much like the open border that Mr. Biden has condoned, if not promoted, Iran’s nuclear program presents a real national security danger to us and our allies. Will Israel stand by and do nothing while watching a country that vows “death to Israel” build a nuclear warhead? What about Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and other Muslim allies in the region, who are in religious conflict with Iran, a conflict that dates back 1300 years?

As president, Mr. Biden is commander in chief of the greatest military force to ever grace this planet. Despite progressive obsessions with pronouns and other silly subjects, as well as the purging of top brass who don’t embrace political correctness, our military establishment is still formidable.
So, what say you, Mr. Biden? Is it time to unleash the hounds or will you keep your tail tucked high up between your hind legs? The last world appeaser, a kindly gentlemen named Neville Chamberlain, helped unleash World War II trying to reason with a madman. I suggest you take note of his reticence before another global conflagration comes to pass.

Theodore Xenakis is a Haverhill resident, graduate of Tufts University and Villanova University School of Law. He is a retired attorney and former City Solicitor for the City of Haverhill. He writes this column for The Valley Patriot. He can be reached at TXenakis1951@gmail.com. ◊