OPINION: Operation Greylord II

How Come Nobody Investigates
Corrupt Judges Anymore?


By: Atty Gary Dolan – 3/24

Question: what’s the difference between a lawyer and a catfish?

Answer: one is a slimy bottom feeder and the other’s a fish.

The general public obviously has a dim view of the legal profession considering the whole genre of lawyer jokes about their propensity to lie, cheat and steal to make money.

It’s astonishing to me that when lawyers put on the black robes, the public views them as pillars of integrity. Every time I see Donald Trump in a courtroom on TV lately, someone invariably says that no one is above the law. I feel like throwing something every time I hear this because every judge in this country is above the law.

The FBI did a sting operation in the early 1980s called Operation Greylord. A rookie prosecutor in Cook County Illinois came forward with allegations that judges were fixing cases in pay to play schemes which apparently had been going on since the days of Al Capone.

The sting operation resulted in over a hundred indictments and sent 83 people to prison. This number included cops, sheriffs, court clerks, lawyers and 17 judges. There would have been 19 had one not died of natural causes and another doing the taxpayers a favor by putting a gun to his head.

I was shocked to see that so much corruption could go on in one county in Illinois for so long. My first thought was how sad it was that it literally took decades for an honest lawyer (oxymoron) to come forward to do something about it.

Operation Greylord only bagged the criminals who were currently in the system during the sting. Imagine, there must have been lawyers who came out of law school and spent years bribing judges and then spent years taking bribes after becoming judges themselves. I’ll bet there were far more criminals who worked the system and retired before Operation Greylord than there were who got caught.

What also shocked me is that there’s been no subsequent sting operations and so little corruption in the courts has been exposed since. I doubt that so much corruption could have been unique and limited to one county in Illinois.

Did Operation Greylord send a clear warning to every crooked judge and lawyer across the country that fixing cases will no longer be tolerated? Or did everyone in the profession take measures to ensure their illicit schemes would be more difficult to expose?

I made allegations eight years ago that a Massachusetts Superior Court judge fixed a case for my three-opposing counsels.

I accused this judge of removing evidence of their criminal behavior from a court file and hiding it in the attic of the Newburyport Courthouse. Shortly thereafter, this judge took an early retirement (probably to save his pension) when a state rep. started looking into impeaching him on behalf of a water commissioner in Rowley.

I’ve never been given a hearing to present evidence of this fraud or even an opportunity to explain what happened eight years ago.

Instead, the Supreme Judicial Court initiated a secret investigation against me in December of 2020. I wasn’t told who initiated the investigation or what I was being accused of for more than two years.

Last June I was formally charged with filing frivolous lawsuits and making false allegations against 16 judges including the SJC. I have also been ordered to pay the opposing counsel $18k for their attorney’s fees.

Since I was formally charged, the BBO has blocked my efforts to get evidence to defend myself and has blocked my efforts to have any of these judges testify at my trial which begins at 10 AM on March 11th.
I will either prove these judges are crooked or be denied my due process and disbarred for just making the accusations.

They say character is what someone does when no one’s watching. I say honesty is what liars do when everyone is watching.

Anyone who is interested in helping me expose the corruption in these courts can log on to massbbo.org at 10 AM, March 11th, 12th, or 13th, click on the View Calendar tab and then my name.

There will be a link to a live stream and you can watch me either expose these judges or watch them take my license without due process.

Attorney Gary Dolan ◊