OPINION: Protecting the Emperor with ‘Poor Memory’

By: Ken  Willette – 3/24

Many fairy tales provide direct life lessons of morality, honesty, ethical behavior, and examples of karma.

The Emperor’s New Clothes, penned by Hans Christian Andersen, is a perfect metaphor for Biden and his complacent Palace Guard. Between his court handlers, the Sunday morning press lackeys, the network and cable DNC mouthpieces, and the local party hacks, no one in Biden’s World can inform the emperor that he is no longer capable of serving as POTUS.

He takes a physical, but that does not dispel the perception of 86% of Americans who believe he is too old because he refuses to participate in a cognitive test. How dare someone engage in ageism, the court criers proclaim. Mind you, this issue was never raised with historical giant Winston Churchill, who realized his mental and physical decline and resigned from office.

African Americans are suing Chicago’s mayor over the illegal alien crisis. No need to wake up the emperor from his slumber because that is just isolated rumblings from the peasants. Governor Healey cuts $60,000 from disadvantaged kids in the Methuen Arlington Neighborhood, and slashes Head Start funding statewide.

Just the opening salvo to contain the massive fiscal bleeding due to illegals. An illegal alien monster, who was only recently released from the revolving door of a failed NY criminal justice system, then viciously murders a promising nursing student in Georgia.

No direct statement from POTUS is necessary—let him have his 100th ice cream photo-op as a man of the people. Forget about a substantive, pre-Super Bowl interview on 60 Minutes. Give the emperor his softball questions and punchlines on Fallon and Kimmel Late Night instead. Be gentle with the Old-Timer!

The blue states foolishly declared themselves sanctuary havens for illegals. Now they seek a massive bailout from a federal government that just exceeded a $1.7 trillion annual deficit. Even the disastrous Biden immigration plan would not have remotely covered the full projected costs for illegals in Massachusetts, let alone the rest of the nation. Massachusetts will waste at least $2 billion (likely more) over the next two years, whereby the entire Biden relief package (currently DOA in the GOP House) only contained $1.4 billion nationwide, according to Politico. But keep circulating the false narrative.

In a supposedly full economy, post-covid, how can the emperor claim success by running up such unsustainable deficits? Not a word of dissent in Biden’s universe.

At least Jimmy Carter completed the Camp David Accords between Egypt and Israel at this stage of his presidency. Trump effectively destroyed ISIS, maintained peaceful relations (no major wars), and ushered in the Abraham Accords. What has been the crowning accomplishment of Biden’s foreign policy?

Don’t hold your breath guessing. The royal subjects specifically hired the emperor because of his self-proclaimed foreign policy expertise. But remember, the emperor was the sole White House voice initially in opposition to the killing of bin Laden.

How has that foolhardy hesitation served the emperor, especially with his poor memory? Shipping lanes are diverted. Evidence of massive corruption is still reported out of Ukraine, but it unfortunately now involves US taxpayer dollars. Iran is a regional puppet master of terror.

North Korea launches larger missiles, with a greater range and seemingly with impunity. When Jewish voters in NY are leaning toward Trump and Arab Americans in Michigan overwhelmingly voted “uncommitted” in the recent primary, the emperor may be isolated more from the growing political maelstrom.

Don’t worry, the emperor is taming inflation. Really? Don’t tell that to the New Englanders who use oil heat and paid at least 10% or more this past winter. The brilliant climate change crowd is even going after natural gas, which is the cleanest fossil fuel.

The climate change crowd loves to attack energy independence in our country, while Australia is shipping record levels of coal to China and India. But West Virginian coal miners are evil in the eyes of the emperor for wanting to put food on their families’ tables.

My senior citizen friends in Methuen know intimately the prices at Market Basket—hint, they are not improving. And apologists wonder why stores are being closed, accusing society of blatant racism. Meanwhile, thanks to lax criminal justice laws in blue states, retail theft (industry term is shrinkage) climbed from $40 billion in 2015 to $140 billion in 2023. Who do you think ultimately pays the difference in lost sales and profits?

The court jester, Hunter, will defend the emperor (the big guy) at all costs. Doesn’t matter to the palace supporters that Hunter appears to be always high as a kite or drunk as a skunk like Otis Campbell in television’s Mayberry, whenever business dealings and texts/calls with daddy were involved.

If that is the Radical Left’s definition of plausible deniability, then our nation is doomed in November with a Biden victory. It is comical that the same fakes who peddled the Russian Collusion fairy tale are now tripping over themselves to defend the court jester. Led by that intellectual titan, AOC.

Followers throughout the kingdom demand that we preserve democracy, as the emperor continues to circumvent a Supreme Court decision and forgive more student loans on the taxpayers’ dime. The emperor has allowed approximately 7.2 million illegals to grace his beloved kingdom, with the red carpet of free hotels, free meals, free cell phones, spending cards and free transportation.

Those are future voters—they need to learn the culture of dependency. The emperor loses sleep about the fate of our planet, but using Air Force One to raise millions from Hollywood’s Woke community is fine.

The youngest voters, the so-called Generation Z, are starting to refute the Biden spin machine, the mounting national debt, the crowding out of limited government resources for illegals versus citizens, the shocking crimes against women and children, and the permanence of inflation (young professionals experiencing rent for the first time). They don’t like the landscape. Neither should the rest of us. ◊