OPINION: The Boot of Government is On Your Neck!

By: Duncan Burns – 3/24

“If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—forever.” – George Orwell, 1984

Orwell’s “1984” dystopian fiction was never meant to be an instruction manual, yet in 2024, here we are, fiction is now reality. Into this new year the authoritarian Uni-Party of Democrats & Republicans voted to continue the sad, long-standing practice of having secret courts, with secret judges, issuing secret warrants to spy on us, Americans. It doesn’t end or begin here, but let’s go through a brief Constitutional list of how wrong, and quite dystopian The United States has become.

The First Amendment: Your liberties regarding free speech, assembly, religion, petition, and a would-be free press are all but corrupted. Let’s get the press out of the way first, as no matter your political ideology, our “press” are nothing but mere political propaganda outfits for their respective majority Party’s.

None of them should be trusted. Your speech is all but suppressed, and the worst offenders are our cowardly politicians who hate free speech. In fact, many Massachusetts politicians continue to illegally block constituents, and no one in state government cares.

Yours truly was illegally blocked by our own sitting Congress Member, Rep. Lori Trahan, but at least that was reversed after the illegality was pointed out.

The Second Amendment: The Uni-Party of Congress is all for unending wars and sending teens to die in the name of campaign cash, lobbyists, and DoD PAC monies, as long as it’s not their kids. Meanwhile, mostly thanks to Democrat criminal cultural enablement, teens and young minority adults slaughter each other in their inner-city hellholes. Both state & federal officials blame the guns, but it’s not, it’s the people using them.

This leaves Massachusetts on the verge of passing some of the most unconstitutional gun laws the nation has ever seen, in the name of a lie, and we’ll have to let the courts settle it. Anyone that believes “intent” can be legislated, let us know.

The Fourth Amendment: FISA is an abomination as mentioned in the opening paragraph, yet it will continue. Not sure when corporations handover your private information to the government without a warrant constitutes a violation more than awful judgement, but that’s what’s happening. Our entire “justice” system is now corrupted, now just an arm of whatever political ideology is the majority in office. Across the country government has been enjoying the erosion, even weaponized, to The Citizen-ry’s detriment.

The Fifth & Sixth Amendments: SCOTUS pretty much got rid of Miranda v. Arizona in 2020 with Vega v. Tekoh but that’s not the worst here. You could be a “J6” defendant, in prison, and still not faced with a judge or jury, “speedy trial” be damned.

Worse, a “jury of your peers” no longer exists. Today’s juries, as seen in countless cases, are now a jury of ideology, the rule of law be damned. We are now in an era where a jury may not even remotely reflect your peers, and your life or livelihood may be put in the hands of those who may hate you just for what you do for a living or your political ideology.

The Eight Amendment: See January 6th Defendants.

The Tenth Amendment: This is a big one, in particular because of abortion. The SCOTUS Decision to throw it back to the states was the correct call, as abortion isn’t in the Constitution, sans your interpretation to “right to life.”

That’s not stopping some Republicans to die on a hill where numerous “red states” have rejected strict pro-life legislation. If you don’t like abortion, move to a state that suits your ideology. If it’s not in the Constitution, it belongs to the states, end of story, but that isn’t stopping Democrats from trying their just as awful authoritarianism on other states.

In the end, the evaporation of our rights and Orwell’s dystopian fiction coming true comes down to one thing: Your mirror. After one of the most abysmal voter turnouts in history, this is how we got here. That’s absent the banana republic status of mail-in voting, which either side can easily manipulate – We saw this corruption right here in Massachusetts!

Those in power, particularly Massachusetts – the most secretive state government in the nation, will continue until/unless voters care how they are governed. In Massachusetts, even with 62% of registered voters now “unenrolled”, and both Parties being simply awful with their shrinking registered voter bases, it doesn’t matter.

Hardly anyone is voting. The “boot” of your authoritarian government(s) will continue until you tire of those not wearing any clothes, and are forced to stop serving you the cake your apathy deserves. ◊