OPINION: The Season of Hamas Love


By: Ken  Willette – 5/24

It costs $360,000 to educate and house the average undergraduate over 4 years at Columbia University. The current endowment fund at Harvard University is estimated at a whopping $53 billion.

Imagine the radioactivity of soon-to-be graduates of both institutions attempting to obtain jobs at law firms, investment houses, government agencies and Fortune 500 companies. Because chanting “Kill the Jews” and screaming “From the River to the Sea” will not endear these protestors with the real world that prides itself on pristine corporate images, civil rights protections, anti-harassment policies and equal opportunities under the law. When a bipartisan Congressional Resolution condemns “From the River to the Sea,” a protestor might be persona non grata (unwelcome) in the competitive job market.

Somehow the Ivy League presidents missed the history lesson provided by the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which strictly prohibits religious discrimination for institutions of higher learning that receive any federal funding. Harvard University was once the proud school that educated Presidents Teddy Roosevelt (who also attended Columbia Law School) and JFK, both strong-willed world leaders who knew our enemies and fought against discrimination. Nowadays, brainwashed students perceive America and Israel as evil, warmongering regimes, enablers of a phantom genocide in Gaza.

As I predicted in a prior column, the mob protests would continue to escalate and resort to tactics that Nazi Germany Brownshirts would celebrate. Using hammers to smash the windows at Hamilton Hall reeks of Kristallnacht (Night of Broken Glass), a Nazi-led destruction of Jewish homes, businesses, and synagogues.

Confronting Jewish students, denying pathways to their education, and threatening violence have no place in any society. To claim that the encampments cause no harm to others is an absolute lie. The intimidation factor would be very familiar in the Democratic-controlled Jim Crow South of the 1950s and 1960s.

How sad and pathetic that the Radical Democratic establishment is more interested in Trump’s alleged dalliances than stopping pervasive hate crimes and mob violence. Biden was more interested in going on Howard Stern than speaking directly to reporters. But no news group calls out his void of interaction with the Fourth Estate, which has been complacent in his failure to hold regular press conferences and move away from scripted questions. But as we recall, Biden’s former press secretary now works for MSNBC.

When have the Palestinians ever been peaceful, honest, cooperative, and uncorrupted negotiators in the Middle East? They rejected outright the UN Resolution offering a two-state solution.

In 1948, they eagerly joined regional military forces in a coordinated and unprovoked attack on the Jewish nation-state. Three major conflicts have tested the very survival of Israel, which they have emerged victorious against overwhelming numerical forces. Cowardly PLO terrorists killed unarmed Israeli athletes during the 1972 Munich Olympic Games.

The curriculum of Hamas is designed to indoctrinate children with a bloodthirsty desire to eradicate the Jewish nation. They wasted billions of international aid funds on enriching Hamas/PLO leadership, paying off the families of suicide bombers, constructing miles of tunnels and smuggling weapons into hospitals and children’s bedrooms, which are clear violations of the Geneva Convention of embedding combatants and weapons with civilians.
Palestinians actively interfered in the internal politics of both Egypt and Jordan.

And Arafat notoriously rejected a final statehood resolution offered through the Oslo Peace Accords. Tell me again, soon-to-be graduates, how does that history of violence, obfuscation, and confrontation work into your college encampment narrative of peace, love, and non-violent resistance?

But like I said before, the Radical Left has a very serious optics problem, which could cost Biden the election. The media consistently attack MAGAs as racist, xenophobic, and antisemitic. The real monsters are the jihadists (notice the garb) on campuses across America who are weaned on erroneous social media posts and spoon-fed propaganda by celebrity professors. You really think the party affiliation of these protestor thugs match those attending a Trump rally?

Be serious!

What a laughable premise under ordinary times, but these, unfortunately, are very volatile and dangerous times. 20% of the youngest generation deny the existence of the Holocaust. Unfortunately, some believe the falsehood that October 7th was an AI generated hoax or a staged event. According to Pew Research Center findings, 46% of young adults oppose the Israeli response to terrorism. Through the antisemitic BDS movement, they often subscribe to a warped world view that no nation should ever engage in trade and cultural exchanges with Israel.

These Ivy League students are even confused on the definition of genocide. How Hamas morphed into an oppressed class worthy of protection after the horrors of October 7th is breathtaking. How complicit is the mindset of students who ignore the depths of evil, including widespread sexual violence documented by the UN. And how can anyone trust the purveyors of the horrific deaths of innocent men, women, and children in Israel, to then provide accurate numbers of the death toll in Gaza.

Would we trust ISIS or the Taliban to provide such numbers in the past? But somehow terrorist Hamas forces can supply intel to our media sheep. We should all reject journalistic laziness and an abject failure to independently verify the actual deaths in Gaza. The press pool disclaimers automatically destroy any credibility.

Are we equating the firebombing of Tokyo and Dresden during World War II as acts of genocide? Those air raids killed hundreds of thousands of civilians. Do we cast Truman’s authorized atomic bomb strikes as the actions of a war criminal?

Any comparison of these protestors to the Civil Rights movement and the pacifist resistance of MLK really makes me question whether any of them ever picked up a book. MLK engaged in an effective economic boycott, advocated for the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act, and loved the oppressor in a Christian philosophy that moved this nation forward. Sadly, these protestors are apparently loving the terrorists, embracing the rapists, and celebrating the mass murder of innocents. Hitler would be proud. ◊