Our Shared Journey: Charting a Brighter Future for Lawrence, Methuen in the Heart of the Valley

By: State Rep. Francisco Paulino

Dear friends and neighbors of Lawrence and Methuen,
When I think of the Merrimack Valley, I envision a lively mosaic of history, culture, and innovation. At its heart lie two cities — Lawrence and Methuen — that embody resilience, community spirit, and potential. As your state representative, every decision I make is rooted in the aspiration to elevate and celebrate our beloved cities.

Lawrence, with its storied mills and rivers, has always been a vessel of industry and enterprise. Today, it houses gems like Helfrich Brother Boiler Works, Inc.

They’re not just a Lawrence-based business; they’re a testament to the innovation that thrives within our community. Their unparalleled expertise in repairing and installing boiler pressure parts is sought after nationwide.

But their brilliance doesn’t end there. Their work in fabricating ASME pressure vessels has ripple effects across dynamic industries, from semiconductors to aerospace. Their accomplishments shine a spotlight on Lawrence’s continued relevance in the nation’s industrial and technological landscape.

Methuen, on the other hand, with its architectural landmarks and scenic beauty, complements Lawrence’s industrial spirit. It’s a place where families grow, businesses flourish, and history is revered. Together, these cities represent the best of what the Merrimack Valley offers — a blend of heritage, community, and forward-thinking dynamism.

It’s with immense pride and deep understanding of the dual essence of our cities that I nominated Helfrich Brother Boiler Works for the annual manufacturing awards. Their anticipated accolade, while a testament to their excellence, is a shared victory. It’s a reflection of the hard work, innovation, and determination that defines Lawrence and Methuen.

Strengthening our collaborative spirit, Senator Payano, Representative Moran, and I have united to secure a substantial grant of $250,000 for Helfrich Brother Boiler Works. This is not just an economic boost; it’s a promise of growth. We are investing in new opportunities, with the potential of adding up to 18 new jobs, reinforcing our commitment to the prosperity of our community members.

But beyond these numbers, it’s the everyday stories and experiences that keep me grounded. My role as a volunteer crossing guard at Parthum Middle School in Lawrence offers me daily insights into our community’s pulse. It reinforces the importance of safety, community engagement, and being present. This hands-on experience electrifies my commitment, especially as I work with the Joint Committee of Public Safety and Homeland Security, to safeguard our future — our children.

In conclusion, as we look ahead, let’s remember that our strength lies in unity, understanding, and shared aspirations. Lawrence and Methuen, with their unique attributes, collectively form a beacon of hope and potential in the Merrimack Valley. And as we navigate the challenges and opportunities, know that my dedication to you remains resolute. Together, we will chart a brighter, more prosperous future for our cities and our community at large.

Warmly and with relentless commitment,
Francisco Paulino
Your State Representative
Methuen and Lawrence