Park This Way

Jeff KatzBy: Jeff KatzApril, 2015

There’s a great viral video going around that shows the worst job of parking a car in the history of parking cars. We see a silver Ford hybrid, which the driver attempts to pull in to an angled spot. So far, nothing out of the ordinary, but you need to know that while the angles are facing to the right, the driver attempted to park the car from the left. Actually, from the far left.

Unfortunately for the driver there are a couple of folks who recorded the driving disaster. Even more bad news for the driver…the two guys who record the incident work on Capitol Hill and immediately are able to identify the driver as Eleanor Holmes Norton who represents Washington, DC in Congress. I have no idea what party the two Hill staffers belong to, but I can tell you that Delegate Holmes Norton is a proud member of the party that claims to fight for regular folks against mean, nasty evil people. Folks like millionaires and billionaires who, she would have you believe, don’t play by the rules.

After she parks her car, Ms. Holmes Norton exits the vehicle and she is immediately met by an aide who obviously tells her that her parking is, just a wee bit, subpar. She then walks around her car and inspects it. She can easily see that she is blocking one car in entirely and making it dangerous for the car on the other side to try and exit. She does not care at all. In fact, even though she has hit one car repeatedly, she never stops nor does she leave a note.

There are plenty of jokes about a left wing politico who can’t bear to even steer to the right long enough to park her car but I’ll let you write those for yourself. You see, the real story here is about arrogance and hubris. This is not just the case of someone who tapped a bumper and then hoped it would all work out. We’re talking about an elected member of Congress who has repeatedly lectured and hectored the American people about fairness and equity and equality. She’s never had any problem constructing straw men to knock down. Maybe she ought to hire one as her driver. We know that she got her political inspiration from Ted Kennedy and from the looks of it, she took her driving lessons from him too.