Paulino: Part of My Job is Community Engagement

Because she missed The Valley Patriot’s 19th Anniversary BASH last March,
Vanessa Sanchez was presented with the Valley Patriot’s Phil Glendye
Scholarship at the Lawrence High Alumni Dinner in the amount of $5,700. Above are: State Representative Francisco Paulino with Karen Glendye, Vanessa Sanchez and Valley Patriot publisher Tom Duggan. The Lawrence High Alumni Association gave out more than $150,000 this year at their annual dinner.

Dear Constituents,

As your State Representative, I am privileged to play an active role in our community’s vibrant life.
Today, I want to share with you some pivotal moments that have recently underscored our shared commitment to hope, safety, and honor – the graduation ceremonies at Methuen and Lawrence High, the Massachusetts Nurses Association’s protest at Dana Faber in Methuen, my service as a volunteer crossing guard in our district, and the profound privilege of participating in the Memorial Day parade.

Experiencing the graduation ceremonies of Methuen and Lawrence High was a testament to the future’s bright promise. The sight of our young graduates, ready to carve out their unique paths in the world, is a vivid reminder of our shared responsibility to create and foster opportunities for these emerging leaders.
Parallel to this, the Massachusetts Nurses Association’s protest at Dana Faber highlighted a critical need within our healthcare system. Advocating for equitable pay for nurses across our state is a matter of urgency, and I am committed to supporting our nurses in this cause. Addressing the nursing shortage is not merely a local issue; it is a matter of national security that calls for immediate action.

A central facet of my role as your representative is proactive community engagement. That’s why I served as a volunteer crossing guard at every school in our district. This first-hand experience has offered invaluable insights into our children’s safety on their school routes and underlined the areas where we need to enhance our existing safeguards.

As a member of the Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security, I plan to funnel these insights into a comprehensive safety assessment. The goal is to identify strategies to make our schools safer across Massachusetts, thereby ensuring every child enjoys a secure learning environment.
Our responsibilities extend beyond the school year. During the summer break, our children need safe and stimulating spaces to play, learn, and socialize. I am dedicated to creating such environments for every child in Methuen and Lawrence to ensure their continued growth during this important time.
The privilege of participating in the Memorial Day parade was another poignant reminder of our shared commitment to honor and remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

Their courage and dedication to our nation are a beacon for us all, guiding us in our efforts to build a more equitable, safer, and prosperous community.

As we celebrate our graduates, advocate for our nurses, ensure our children’s safety, and honor our brave service members, we remember that our actions today shape our shared future. I am humbled to serve you in these endeavors and eagerly anticipate continuing our journey together.
Yours in service, ◊