PAYING ATTENTION with TOM DUGGAN – Andy Vargas and the Truth About “Deporting Violent Felons”



If there’s one thing I really hate, it’s when a politician deceives the public with promises that sound like one specific thing, when in reality it’s the exact opposite.

So is the case Haverhill City Councilor Andy Vargas on the issue of sanctuary cities and his claim that he is for “deporting illegal aliens who commit violent crimes.”

In order to pull off the deception, Vargas (and others) have to play word games with definitions, so don’t be fooled by the sneaky terms they use.

By definition, police working in a “sanctuary city” can arrest a rapist or murderer who is also an illegal alien, but cannot notify immigration to have him deported.


Yet, Vargas purposely leads people to believe that sanctuary cities are simply communities that protect grandmas from being deported for getting a parking ticket. 

Politicians like Vargas who get backlash for supporting sanctuary cities have found a new way to pretend that they don’t. Now we have the “Safe Communities Act” which allows supporters of illegal aliens to claim they are for the deportation of “violent felons”. Here’s what they don’t tell you:

A “Safe Community” is one where police can only deport a small number of extremely violent criminals, like 1st degree murderers. But, the law is written with such vague language that police still cannot deport criminals who commit other violent offenses like wife beating, rape, manslaughter, gun offenses, and drug dealing.

The goal is to pretend they are tough on crime and by default, must oppose sanctuary cities. All the while their true position is that they do not want to deport anyone for any reason, ever … period. Everything else is smoke and mirrors.

They may be willing to compromise on deporting 1st degree murderers because it gives them perfect political cover to hide their real agenda.

The reality is, Andy Vargas is fighting on every level to allow nearly every violent felon to stay in this county no matter how many times they’ve been deported, or how many violent crimes they’ve committed.

His rhetoric on the issue, while clever, only proves that point.

I don’t think we would let a politician say they are against rape while supporting measures that prevent the arrest of 95% of the rapists. So, why are we allowing politicians to say they are for deporting “violent felons” while they also defend sanctuary cities? Why do we excuse it when they claim to be in favor of any deportations while they fight against those very deportations as community activists on Facebook?

Here’s something you can do for fun.

The next time a politician refuses to say they oppose sanctuary cities, but also claims to be for deporting violent felons: ask them who specifically they would deport. Ask them if they want to deport all violent felons. Which families would they break apart and which would they let stay together? If you get a chance at a bonus question ask them if they think drug dealing is a violent felony.

Then stand back and watch the veins in their head pulsate while they try to come up with any other topic to talk about.

If a politician wants to be an advocate for all illegal aliens regardless of their criminal activity they should just be honest about that. That’s something I would at least respect.

But, when politicians like Andy Vargas can’t tell the whole truth about where he really stands on the issue, that is something nobody should respect.