Pest Control and Lawn Care Answering Your Questions


The Pest Girls (Amanda Forrestall & Courtney Carace)
The Pest Girls (Amanda Forrestall & Courtney Carace)

The days are long, the sunshine is plentiful and the temperatures are hot. Although we are in the midst of the dog days of summer, fall is right around the corner. During the fall, Pest-End Exterminators & Pro-Tech Lawn Care is busy helping customers prepare their homes and lawns for the upcoming winter and early spring. Fall is a prime time to have your home or business baited for mice before they take refuge there for the winter. It is also a great time to consider renovating your lawn to improve and enhance the turf’s health for next spring.

How do I know if I have mice in my home?

Are you hearing noises at night, maybe above your head or in the wall while you are trying to sleep? Chances are mice have entered your home when you least expect them to. A mouse only needs ¼ of an inch opening to squeeze into your home. Other common entry points are through the garage if the doors are left open as well as vents and chimneys, particularly if trees overhang your roof.

Pest-End Exterminators’ service entails a thorough inspection of the exterior and interior of your home. The technician looks for access points. If entry points are located, our service technicians will work with the home owner to determine the best way to block them up. The next step involves using baited, labeled and locked boxes within the home for mice to feed on. We also suggest using exterior baited rodent stations to help prevent mice from ever entering your home. Mice are curious rodents and like to investigate new objects in their territory. Thus, properly placed baited stations can help eliminate the mice quickly and effectively.
When is the best time to renovate your lawn?

Fall is a great time to consider renovating your lawn. As the temperatures cool and the days grow shorter, the ideal condition for seed germination occurs. One of Pro-Tech Lawn Care’s most popular services is our aeration and overseed package. Core aeration breaks up compacted soil, prunes turf roots, and removes thatch. This improves the penetration of oxygen, water and nutrients into the root zone of your turf. It also brings up beneficial bacteria to the surface to help break down the thatch layer. Overseeding introduces new plants into your lawn. We at Pest-End Exterminators and Pro-Tech Lawn Care choose new turf cultivars that are disease and insect resistant varieties. This improves the integrity of the lawn, and also increases turf density and vigor. Overall, aerating and overseeding creates a healthier environment for your turf, which improves plant health and reduces disease activity.

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