Phil Thibault’s Accusations Are Outright Lies, There is No Conflict of Interest

By: Alison Genest, Dracut Selectman

Phil Thibault announced on his cable TV show that he would be publishing his article called “A Black Eye on Dracut” this month in the Valley Patriot.

The column is factually incorrect and injurious to my reputation. The piece contains false statements about my voting record as a Dracut Selectman and libelous accusations alleging conflict of interest that are demonstrably untrue. Further, these statements are malicious because the author knows they are untrue.

First, I never opposed adding an at-large member to the Zoning Bylaw Review Committee. I supported it and voted for it.

Second, I have never had any conflict of interest on any matter that has come before the board. I was pre-cleared by the state Ethics Commission to participate and vote on any and all matters involving Beaver Brook Farm and Dracut Access Television because I do not have any financial interest in either matter. In both cases, I proactively contacted the Ethics Commission for legal review in advance. After approval from the Ethics Commission, I filed the appropriate disclosures on both matters to dispel even the appearance of a conflict.

I’m able to perform my official duties objectively and fairly, and I have been publicly transparent in these matters and all others. As an elected official, I have always conducted myself with the highest professional and ethical standards.

Dracut Selectman, Alison Genest

EDITORS NOTE: The column submitted by Mr. Thibault does not meet the legal standard of libel or slander even if some of the facts within his column are untrue or malicious. The Valley Patriot is happy to present all views on this issue and always, willing to present all sides of any political controversy. ◊