PLEASE! Touch our Junk!




Now, which plane would you rather fly on, the plane with no pat downs and no x-ray screenings, or the one with inconvenient, extensive pat downs and “advanced imaging technology,” (also known as a full-body scanner)? Well, we know which one Muslim terrorists who wants to commit jihad would choose. We’re going out on a limb and venture to guess that the Muslims who wants to blow up planes would choose the one without the screening procedure.

There is a vocal minority whining about liberties and privacy when getting on an airplane. They obviously forgotten 911 and Islamic terrorists using planes as weapons to blow up the Twin Towers and Pentagon killing over 3,000 Americans.

Recently, two of our Valley Patriot editors flew to South Carolina via Logan Airport. One of our editors wanted to have his “junk” touched but that didn’t happen. The other was randomly chosen to go through the full-body-screening scanner. There was no concern about privacy, and no whining about “rights”. Both were happy to go through the process to ensure a safe and bomb free flight. Better to be patted down than be blown up, we say!

All the other passengers cooperative with TSA agents and followed procedures to ensure the safety of everyone. As it should be. You do not have a constitutional right to fly on an airplane, but you DO have a right to fly safely when you do! We’re glad the TSA takes the measures they do to protect us!

Unfortunately, the real issue on our flight was turbulence, meaning it was a coffee free flight. But that is an editorial for another day. Isn’t it great to have such problems?