Press Release from the Methuen Superior Officers Union in response to state rep Linda Dean Campbel

     The Methuen Police Superior Officers Association applauds State Representative Linda Dean Campbell in calling for a state investigation into the city’s contract with our union.  We welcome the opportunity this presents.  We believe that an independent state investigation will be beneficial in providing complete transparency into the process of last years contract negotiations.
     State Representative Diane Dizoglio two weeks ago called for an investigation into ALL contracts, and we would be supportive of that action.   The residents of Methuen have called for and deserve transparency.   We ask that the investigation be as comprehensive as possible, and include all contractually bargained agreements that were negotiated by the City.  We are also calling for an independent fiscal audit be conducted of each department.  We believe that these steps are necessary to restore the confidence the residents have in the governance of their city.
Gregory Gallant
MPSOA, president