Public Schools Must Stop Interfering with Student Socialization ~ VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL (2/22)

Feb. 2022

Earlier this month, some genius in the Methuen Public Schools decided to cancel Valentine’s Day and replace it with “Spirit Day” where the teachers and administrators would indoctrinate children about “friendship and caring.”

After being publicly humiliated on Facebook by Methuen Councilor D.J. Beauregard, however, school administrators changed their tune, sending home a letter to parents saying that students would be “allowed” to exchange Valentine’s Day cards, but only if they “bring one for everybody.”

They also stated that Valentine’s Day and “Spirit Day” would now be combined, because public school educators just can’t help but involve themselves in the way children socially interact.

This may seem like a small issue but it’s not. This one act by the Methuen Schools is a perfect example of what is wrong with our public schools today.

Instead of simply doing the job we pay them to do, (teach Math, English, History, and Science) teachers unions and administrators think their job is to control all social interactions among the kids under their control.

It’s not. And, it’s time for parents and school board members to say enough is enough.

Public school teachers and administrators can barely educate kids in the subjects they need to get a real job and function in society. They certainly shouldn’t be re-defining holidays, dictating how kids can celebrate a holiday, or mandating any kind of forced “inclusion.”

“Inclusion” and other highly subjective political views have no place in public schools. Yet, left to their own devices, public school officials would spend 8 hours a day indoctrinating kids to hate America, see everything through the lens of race, and brainwash kids to become social justice warriors.

If Councilor Beauregard had not publicly shamed the Methuen School Administration, they would have succeeded in replacing Valentine’s Day (a day for ROMANCE) with “Spirit Day” which is a day for… well, whatever the teachers’ unions and administrators want it to be.

Why can’t our school leaders just back off and let kids do what they want to do?

Because they don’t have to, most of the time nobody calls them out for this kind of garbage.

Parents stay passive and very few politicians have the courage to stand up to the social dictates of our school “leaders.”

Kudos to Councilor DJ Beauregard for standing alone and calling it out while everyone else just went along and said nothing.

Let’s hope that his efforts will inspire other elected officials to speak out when political correctness runs amok within our local government. ◊