Racist Term “Latinx” Must be Rejected by the Media ~ VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL (5-21)


May, 2021

Political activists have created a new term to label and stereotype Latinos in an attempt to find a “gender neutral” term of referring to Spanish speaking Americans from South or Central American countries.

We recognize this term “Latinx” as blatantly racist and an affront to everything that is Latino culture.

We refuse to use the term, and we urge other local media outlets to reject this term as well.

We don’t know who these white, left-wing political activists (of privilege) think they are to tamper with and try to erase a basic foundational pillar of Latino culture, but it’s pretty obvious that Spanish speaking Americans from South and Central America are having none of it.

Most of the Spanish speaking newspapers and media outlets have rejected this term. Most Latinos we spoke with in the valley reject this term, as well.

So, why are left-wing political extremists trying to force this name change onto a population that neither asked for, not welcomes the change?

We could spend 20 pages explaining the arrogance of that one, but the bottom line here is that those who try to police our language and demand social change in our vernacular, only do so in order to diminish and insult an entire race of “other” people.

Where is the respect for other cultures? Where is the tolerance?

The Spanish language – whichever variation of it you may speak – is predicated on masculine and feminine words. A group of Latin men would be called Latinos, whereas a group of Latin women would be Latinas. A group of mixed males and females would be considered by the masculine term Latino. The entire language is based on gender specific terms.

In fact, the entire Latino culture is based on gender specific roles and responsibilities.

That angers political activists in this country who are obsessed with wiping out all gender specific terms from our language. So, in the name of “inclusion”, they are trying to force this term into our lexicon and demanding corporations and media outlets use it.

Sadly, we see this term used more and more in various news media outlets and we find that unacceptable.

Most white owned corporations and media outlets are tripping over themselves to comply with the demands of white people of privilege, giving no thought at all as to what Latinos think of all this.

The Valley Patriot will never refer to Latinos as “Latinx” no matter what the social fad is this week.

Other news outlets and corporations should also reject this term – that is – if they truly are the “anti-racists” they pretend to be. ◊