Random Thoughts with Ronnie Ford


By: Ronnie Ford – January 2013

Ronnie Ford

Officer Tom Earnshaw is one big dude!

When faced with a twenty person mob attack on his person, the experienced and likable cop was really up against it. Thank God for the backup of the local police and State Police. This shows the potential danger that lurks around every police response.

If we are going to back up our police, then let us do it right. Earnshaw is not a fresh cop. He didn’t deserve that attack just for trying to keep the rest of us safe. Bring back the two people cruiser and more of them. So let us start yelling and get these men and women in blue who protect us 24/7 some protection and equipment.

We spend monies on frivolous nonsensical things. Let’s get some manpower and essential equipment that they need to challenge the escalation of gangs that are growing so rapidly. It doesn’t take much to start a mob mentality in any situation. So we should protect our police and fire personal from assaults and quell this notion that mobs and gangs can overrun our public safety personal.

The horror that took place in Newtown, CT is being shown all over the states and beyond. And well it should, if it will bring some concrete ideas to keep our school children safe. Most of us still cannot wrap our minds around this senseless assault. But, it seems to me, with all the knowledge, resources and intelligent people we have here in our homeland; we can find a solution to this problem. We can put men and women on the moon, put a spacecraft on Mars, have a space station circling the globe, satellites floating around to maintain computers, GPS and any manner of electronics; then we ought to be capable of keeping our schools safe! We have a war on drugs, illegal people crossing our boarders, killings in our streets and assault weapons in homes (why we need these is beyond me) and it goes on and on.

Why? Because it is lucrative to the many! Money is the root of all EVIL! We could fix all of the above, for God’s sake, WE ARE THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! Let the leaders of our nation put a zipper on their pockets, never mind playing political games, start doing the people’s business no matter what party you belong to. Most importantly of all, PUT GOD BACK IN OUR SCHOOLS and public buildings.

The majority wants it let the minorities leave the country if they don’t like it. Start doing the right thing before there is anarchy in our land. Khrushchev once said “We will bury you from within”, well see it now. The greatest falsehood the devil ever perpetrated was to convince the populace the he doesn’t exist!

Wishing you all a very HAPPY, HEALTHY NEW YEAR! May the good Lord take a liking to you, do something nice for someone today. And, we wish you enough!

Ronnie Ford is a Methuen resident, the former host of the “Hot Line” radio pro-gram, a former Methuen police officer and a former member of the Methuen school committee and city council. You can email Ronnie at Radiotalk@comcast.net