Random Thoughts with Ronnie Ford – Candidates for Office and More

By: Ronnie Ford – May 2012

Ronnie FordGet your calculators out folks!

Yep! There are 763 candidates for various offices in the Merrimack Valley area. Some are good, some not so good. So be very careful when casting your vote. Do some homework on the candidates that you choose; make sure that they have the views and the values that you want in a person to represent your interests.

Robert Kelly is running to return to his seat that he won in an upset in the last election for Register of Deeds. Can he keep the momentum going? We have a few lawyers running for the Register of Deeds. So far the only Veteran running is Steve Battle. Steve did some heavy arguments with some people called the “Viet Cong”.

Now we have Bill Manzi, he who never saw an election he didn’t love. Billy is seeking the poor mans Perry Mason seat in the Massachusetts Senate. Some more of Baddour!

A big shout out to the priests at St Monica’s Church for having Perpetual Adoration! Remember when we were kids and the 40 hours devotion? It was great and so is this opportunity to go in and chat with Our Savior. Many Graces and Blessings are derived from this Adoration. Take advantage of this Jewel of St. Monica’s Church and the priests.

Did any of you watch our President at the dinner for journalists and news people? I thought he was disgraceful. I know it was a roast, but you can do it without sarcasm and innuendo, and being mean-spirited. He is a poor example for the office of the President of The United States. President John F. Kennedy had a great sense of humor, and got his point across without debasing the Office of the President. Mr. Obama, you ain’t no President Kennedy!

Don’t forget to mark your calendar for Monday June 25, 2012. That is the night for the Neighborhood Reunion from the Arlington district. If you went to the Tarbox, Hood, Lawlor, St. Rita’s, Assumption Schools, or hung around The Downey Flake, Lawlor’s Drug Store, or the Howard and Hayden Schofield play grounds, come on down! For $8.00 a person, you will have a delicious buffet, put on by Jackson’s Restaurant on route 110 Boulevard in Methuen. You will enjoy seeing people you have not seen in years, plus belly laughs galore. We will also have a 50/50 raffle with the proceeds for half going to The Wounded Warriors Fund this year. Bring a friend, how can you go wrong?? See you there at 6:00 P.M.!

May the good Lord take a liking to you, do something nice for someone today. And, we wish you enough.

Ronnie Ford is a former Methuen Police Officer, Methuen City Councilor and School Committeeman. He is also the former host of the Hot Line Program. You can email him at: radiotalk@comcast.net