Random Thoughts with Ronnie Ford – Cops, Cops, Cops

By: Ronnie Ford – January 2012


 Ronnie FordYou only like them when you need them, the rest of the time, who cares? Well, we better start caring, but quick! A short time ago, a Methuen Police Officer, Brian Hellman, backed up by Officer Sean Moore, were faced with a hairy, touchy situation. This involved two gun wielding outlaws, who had just finished doing their best to knock some guy’s head off. These two guys were armed. However, they were subdued by Brian Hellman, and later backed up by Sean Moore.

 Hellman got those two darlings in check, and his happiness became explosive when he saw another blue coat and silver shield. NOT A SHOT FIRED! It was a nice piece of police work for which commendations are in order and already set in motion. I am proud of my guys and gals in blue. Both the police and fire! They need more man power and equipment.

 The city of Lawrence produces almost an average of death from shootings of one per week! This has to end. Give these guardians of our homes, streets and persons what they need. NO MATTER WHAT! This job they have ain’t easy. Willie, Steve, LETS GO!

 You know we have a wonderful young man by the name of Tim Tebow who has been making the TV and newspapers of late. He is an up and coming quarterback for the Denver Broncos, and a Heisman Trophy recipient. He is also a good Christian man who is not afraid to show his thanks to his Creator in public for blessings and favors received. However he is being mocked and vilified by the news media for bending his right knee and putting his head in his hand after each touch down that he makes, or a play that goes well.

 This mocking is done mostly by the talking heads on ESPN, on the sports segments and newspapers. We finally get someone whom our young people can admire and look up to, who is worthy of their admiration, and the press makes fun. Even Saturday Night Live had a segment on which I thought was biased. Instead of extolling Tebow they love to turn and twist and make fun of him. The kids emulate these rock stars, coke heads, models with little clothing on and gyrating fools on TV. Now that we have someone decent the young can admire, the news media acts with great recklessness. Why not give encouragement to the young about being more like Tebow than the trash they seem to honor. No, that would be too easy. They have to sell papers and have huge TV ratings.

 By now if you do not know that our media is bent toward the left in all things, especially politics and such, then you must live with you head you know where! Show some support for this young man. I think he is great!

May the good Lord take a liking to you, do something nice for someone today. and we wish you enough.

Ronnie Ford is a Methuen resident, the former host of the “Hot Line” radio program, a former Methuen police officer and a former member of the Methuen School Committee and City Council. You can email Ronnie at Radiotalk@comcast.net