Random Thoughts with Ronnie Ford – Lantigua, Santiago, The Kennedy’s and MORE

By: Ronnie Ford – December 2012Ronnie Ford

Jose Santiago and Willy Lantigua used to be as close as two bugs in a rug. Then came the split and now they are back together again. The affable Mayor appointed Jose to a position in the City. Isn’t love grand? Now, Jose is not a bad guy, and personally, I like him. But, like so many times in the past, he makes mistakes that thrust him in front of the public like a train wreck on Times Square. Jose at one time had it all, and the makings of a good Representative for Lawrence.

And from there, who knows what would have transpired?

If Jose is unleashed in a political come back, he should be very careful regarding any moves he makes. Do you think that Willy gave him this job so that Jose will not run against him? Or will he ask him to run his campaign?

Hmmmm. You know the old saying, keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer!

Good Luck Mr. Representative, BE CAREFUL!

Thank God those two idiots who abused the three year old boy in Plaistow, New Hampshire so badly have been apprehended. I hope whomever the Judge is will throw the book at them both. They deserve to be incarcerated for life. No parole. Death is too good for them. They should never be allowed to walk in the sunshine ever again. Scum.

Speaking of judges, what about the Judge in New York that acquitted Douglas Kennedy of assault on two nurses?

Kennedy was trying to leave the hospital with his two day old son so the baby could get fresh air! In January? Two days old and not properly dressed? Little Dougie kicked one nurse and she fell to the floor, which was caught on tape. He punched and twisted the arm of anther nurse. Yet, Judge John Donohue ACQUITTED Kennedy! How sweet is that! NOT! Me thinks that the Irish Judge is on the Kennedy payroll! Or else he had someone take the bar exam for him. Stupid. You know the saying money talks, and bull *&##* walks!

The nurses should get a huge raise and bonus for trying to protect the welfare of their patient.

How about Lizzie Tish Warren, the Indian Grandma. Can’t even answer simple questions on her own. Good thing the Gov. was there to catch her. Boy is she ever going to be in lock step with Obama. Well, folks it will be interesting, hang onto your wallets. They will be picking our pockets clean! Give yourself a Christmas present. Drop in at St. Monica’s Perpetual Adoration, and greet the real reason for Christmas God! You will not be sorry!

Wishing You all a very “Merry Christmas”! Not happy holidays, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

May the good Lord take a liking to you. Do something nice for someone today. And we wish you enough.

Ronnie Ford is a Methuen resident, the former host of the “Hot Line” radio program, a former Methuen police officer and a former member of the Methuen School Committee and City Council. You can email Ronnie at Radiotalk@comcast.net