Random Thoughts with Ronnie Ford – Methuen’s Kenny Martin and More!

By: Ronnie Ford – March 2012

Ronnie FordOver the past few weeks, we in Methuen have experienced a first attack regarding our government or at least part of our government, the Housing Authority. Believe me, you ain’t seen nuttin yet!

The latest battle lines have been drawn between Kenny Martin and some councilors, hiding beneath the ramparts are other people who are known for their makeshift fisti-cuffs. I can excuse the new councilors as they have to learn the ins and outs. With proper direction they will turn out to be decent additions to the law making part of our government. The others know better and should be smart enough to hold their tongues and use it in a proper way to make a point.

I never voted for Kenny Martin. When he came here, he was a young DPW executive, who had to learn quickly. And well he did! The things I saw from him were always on time and making sure the department he headed was on time. He was never late, and always got the job done. He was and is now a very good employer.

As he stayed longer he got better at what he did. Kenny is a good person and treats people with curtsey and compassion, the way they ought to be treated. He is a decent person and kindness is part of his DNA. If you are interested in questioning his salary or his ability, there are ways set in the law to do this right. If you ask for my vote, I am with Ken Martin.

Ok, here we go Obama vs. the Roman Catholics and other religions! The liberal press has taken Obama’s cry to enforce religious universities, hospitals, orphanages and various charitable organizations, to mandate giving out birth control, the morning after pill and paying for abortions as part of their health insurance plans for their employees.

The press calls it an attack on woman’s rights! It is not an attack on women or health issues. The church has outlawed birth control and abortion always. Granted many catholic women use birth control with or without their confessor’s permission. This is between them and God. If Catholic women want birth control there are plenty of free clinics around who will accommodate them.


The first amendment is as follows: Freedom of speech, press, religion and petition: “Congress shall make No Law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the Free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the peoples peaceably to assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” Every American Citizen should sit up and take notice on this president niggling, and finagling around the CONSTITUTION! Who does he think he is? The second coming? Where is the outrage?

Where are our glorified congressional leaders? They who took an oath to up hold the Constitution? With their collective heads up their you know where! Why? Because it is an election year and they do not want to lose control! Ciphers all of them! This present administration and congress keep pecking away at our freedoms. Wake up folks! Pretty soon we will have a dictatorship!

 What about the gas prices? Why are we not yelling? We just keep paying through our pockets. No one gives a dam anymore. Just keep shelling out folks soon we will be just like Greece and Europe….. flat broke no more money. And we will be speaking Chinese, because they own us! Lock, stock and barrel!!

May the good Lord take a liking to you, do something nice for someone today. and, we wish you enough.

Ronnie Ford is a Methuen resident, the former host of the “Hot Line” radio pro-gram, a former Methuen police officer and a former member of the Methuen school committee and city council. You can email Ronnie at Radiotalk@comcast.net



Ronnie may be contacted at radiotalk@comcast.net