Random Thoughts with Ronnie Ford – Tim Thomas, Willie Lantigua and More!

By: Ronnie Ford – February 2012

 Ronnie Ford and Tom DugganBruin’s goalie Tim Thomas has the right stuff, stood up for his opinion and didn’t join team mates to meet the president. He exercised his freedom of speech and movement. Let his teammates bask in the Glory of being the Champs and seen at the White House. It doesn’t change the fact that he was one of the main reasons the Bruins won. It was an opportunity for the president to have a TV and photo op. Seems he never met a camera he didn’t like. Some wouldn’t even walk across the street to see this president. Good for you Tim Thomas!! A tip of the hat to you. More people should stand up for what they believe. Just remember, anyone can visit the White House, it is ours!

Willie, is an embarrassment to himself and the city. Some of the Lawrence City Council and School Board and some of the police are in Willie’s back pocket. I hope they all carry a roll of toilet tissue with them at all times, so they can be ready to wipe all the gluteus maximus they have so carefully been doing. They certainly will need it. What price power? How can you do your hair in the morning, how can you shave and look at yourself and see what you have become? Shameful. Cyphers all! (Look up the words Willie) You are all an embarrassment to the City of Lawrence. Have you no shame? I guess not, cause all you will get is a slap on the wrist, or a tee hee, we put one over on them!

All of you who are culpable should resign. Do yourself and the City a favor. We certainly will not miss you. You can be sure you would not get the accolades that the late Kevin White, Mayor of Boston received. None of you are worthy of carrying his coat! Just remember, the feet you kiss on the way to the top, are the same feet that will kick you on the way down!

In March, the citizens of Salem, NH will vote. On the ballot is the question should Salem have curb side trash pickup? A majority of yes votes would increase the taxes, and knowing the Board of Selectmen, they would increase it year after year ad nauseam. Plus on pick up day, the containers and stuff would be all over the roads as it is now with private pick up, even if they give you super duper receptacles. If you want all benefits that Massachusetts has, (better known as Taxachusetts), move back here. And consider each candidate before voting. This year it is especially important to look every candidate over, City, Town, State and Federal.

May the good Lord take a liking to you, do something nice for someone today. And, we wish you enough.

Ronnie Ford is a Methuen resident, the former host of the “Hot Line” radio program, a former Methuen police officer and a former member of the Methuen School Committee and City Council. You can email Ronnie at Radiotalk@comcast.net