Rep. Lenny Mirra Endorses Shaun Toohey for State Rep. in Haverhill

To the Editor:

Haverhill residents are facing an important choice when they go to the polls on November 7th to elect a new state representative from the 3rd Essex District.
As a friend, a neighbor, and as someone who will be that new legislator’s colleague in the House of Representatives after Election Day, I am writing to urge the people of Haverhill to vote for Shaun Toohey to be their next state representative.

I know Shaun to be a good person. He’s a family man who’s proud to call Haverhill home and proud to raise a family here in the Merrimack Valley. He is also a successful small business owner who knows the importance of hard work, managing money responsibly, and doing a good, honest job for the people he represents.

These are all skills that are sorely needed on Beacon Hill. I know we can trust Shaun to make fiscally-responsible decisions about the state budget. Like me, he will argue vocally to bring more money back to cities and towns in the form of local aid, and he will fight hard to keep as much money as possible where it belongs – in taxpayers’ wallets. He’ll work tirelessly to keep our streets safe and to make our schools as successful as they possibly can be. And he will do his best to help promote economic development throughout the region so people in Haverhill have the jobs they need.

Most importantly, I know how much Shaun wants to dedicate his best effort to make Haverhill a better place. He is committed to the community and he wants to work with others to make the city a safe, affordable, and vibrant place to live and work.

I trust Shaun, and I know he will be a great state representative. I urge your readers to join with me in supporting his campaign, and I urge everyone in Haverhill to vote for Shaun Toohey for state representative on November 7th.

Lenny Mirra
State Representative
2nd Essex District