Rep. Tram Nguyen (D) Andover, Files 27 Bills

tramRepresentative Tram T. Nguyen (D-Andover) met the February 19th filing deadline with 27 bills filed. Her proposed legislation ranges from support for working families to enhanced protections for victims and survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and other crimes; consumer protection; criminal justice; climate change; animal welfare; addressing discrimination; combatting hate crimes; and increasing racial & cultural inclusivity in schools.

Rep. Nguyen filed nine bills in support of working families, especially those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. These bills would strengthen workers’ rights to medical leave due to COVID-19; provide emergency tax relief to unemployed workers; and improve unemployment benefits for low-wage workers. Another bill would strengthen anti-retaliation laws by clarifying a protected range of activities where workers can assert their rights (or those of their co-workers) under the workers’ compensation law, and identifying prohibited types of employer misconduct, retaliation, and other efforts to deprive workers of their workers’ compensation rights.

Several bills seek better consumer protections. The Debt Collection Fairness Act would help working families by protecting more wages from garnishment, reducing interest rates on debts, and ensuring that no one is imprisoned for consumer debt. Another consumer protection bill would help seniors and families who are behind in their property tax payment to better understand their rights and offer them concrete steps to redeem their property.

Six of Rep. Nguyen’s bills focus on victims and survivors of crimes, including domestic violence, trafficking, and hate crimes. One bill would add coercive control and technological abuse to the list of domestic abuses covered by protection orders. Another would increase victim and witness participation in the criminal legal system and promote public safety and assistance to law enforcement by creating a consistent victim certification process for vulnerable immigrant victims of crime and trafficking. Several bills would strengthen protections against harassment and help abuse survivors remain safe and rebuild their lives.

Additionally, Rep. Nguyen has been working with Attorney General Healey on the Hate Crimes Reform bill, which would address bias-related incidents and hate crimes that are currently on the rise in Massachusetts, and strengthens the ability of law enforcement and prosecutors to hold perpetrators accountable and better protect individuals who have been targeted based on their membership in a protected class.

Rep. Nguyen also filed bills to prevent the elimination of transit services and closure of commuter rail stations to ensure the continued progress of capital projects; reduce recycling costs by bidding out contracts; promote a racially and culturally inclusive K-12 school curriculum; and protect animals from convicted abusers.

“As I begin my second term, I carry with me all the important lessons learned during my first legislative cycle and am eager to get back to work,” Rep. Nguyen said. “The legislation that I have filed covers a number of topics deeply important to me and to my constituents. Thank you to my dedicated staff, supportive colleagues, and all of the advocates who helped shape our legislation. I look forward to working with various organizations, advocates, and individuals as these bills move through the legislative process.”

You can view the bills here: ◊

2 Responses to "Rep. Tram Nguyen (D) Andover, Files 27 Bills"

  1. Teri Pezzella   April 4, 2021 at 3:46 PM

    What about all the folks that are suffering with pain, unable to get adequate effective pain treatment or any treatment at all. People left to suffer medical collapse or die by suicide unable to endure the agony! This country is in disgrace with its sanctioned genocide! You don’t even try to understand addiction or understand that very few addict and maybe if the few who do are legitimate pain pts, take their FDA approval, effective medicine as directed, are stable for years without issue then what’s the difference if they’re addicted? If that’s what you need to believe even though it’s not true, it’s better to have a product, functional quality of life than to be bedbound in misery! I’m sure you’ve heard of what’s going on with DEA and why the CDC guidelines from 2016 are being misapplied? Unless you’re part of the problem? Why are you not taking care of probably a large percentage of your constituents? As far as I’m concerned as long as you let this vulnerable community suffer and they continue to exist in torturous pain and or die in various ways their blood is on your hands! People with painful disease, end of life hospice and cancer are being shut out. Hospitals nobody will go to for any condition due to treatment getting because they have pain! Nobody will go for surgery with no post op pain care! So many more things are wrong with this picture to list. This country is practicing cruel and inhumane punishment for a hundred million people in pain with no protection for their providers who aren’t willing to treat them and be railroaded by the DEA because that is exactly what is happening. If your eyes were open you would know this and realize I’m not some conspiracy nut. Hell, I don’t even live in your state, I just read the article and noticed out of all those bills not one about the people needed immediate attention!

  2. Teri Pezzella   April 4, 2021 at 5:21 PM

    I tried to list some help for you here to get in touch with accurate legitimate information about this huge medical disaster pending in this country, but your submit button went missing? I won’t be typing it out again and you have my email to contact me. I will put you in touch with our founder of group, don’t punish pain rally. com. There are over18k members of people with pain, advocates, physicians, and many more who wish to have some form of adequate, safe, effective pain care when they should need it or if their families or next generations should. There are many more like us I’ll try this once more, to post.
    You are in a unique position to help protect many in your community, including medical professionals who treat or not in fear of losing their lively hood! Thank you for your time, consideration and hard work. It looks as if you really care about all of your constituents and maybe this was just an oversight, but it really is imperative that it be addressed!