Representative Lyons Reports Increases in Local Aid



State Rep. Jim LyonsRepresentative Jim Lyons (R-Andover) reports that Andover, Tewksbury, Boxford, and North Andover will receive an increase in Local Aid in Fiscal Year 2014.

“When I was first elected State Representative in 2010, I promised that Local Aid would be my top priority,” said Lyons. “I have fought tirelessly for more equitable funding for our communities, and am pleased to announce that we have secured an increase in Local Aid funding for the third consecutive fiscal year.

“This,” Lyons added, “marks a remarkable turnaround for the taxpayers and communities of our state. Up until the year 2011, the Patrick administration continually cut local aid to our cities and towns. Today, we are making real progress toward correcting the damage inflicted by those unwise Local Aid cuts.”

Lyons is the legislative sponsor of H441 An Act Relative to Target Share Funding, a bill providing that Chapter 70 funding for education be funded at the target of 17.5% of the District Foundation Budget. “The 2014 increase is another step towards achieving the goal of fully funding Target Share,” remarked Lyons. “I will continue to work with Republicans and Democrats to secure the appropriate level of funding for our communities.”

“Our most vital services,” Lyons said, “are provided through our local communities: education, police, fire, libraries, public works, and public safety.

“With this Local Aid increase,” Lyons concluded, “we are moving forward towards properly funding our communities and ensuring that vital local services achieve more secure and predictable state funding. I am fully committed to continue working in the Legislature to strengthen the Local Aid budget.”