Representative Update: Legislation That I Am Filing

Campbell-Linda-DeanBy: Linda Dean Campbell – March , 2015

This session I am sponsoring and co-sponsoring approximately fifty pieces of Legislation targeting substance abuse prevention in the Merrimack Valley.

Perhaps the most challenging legislation that I am filing is that drafted by the Massachusetts District Attorney’s Association. After meeting with DA Blodgett to discuss his perspective on what could be filed to assist law enforcement, he suggested two specific bills.

First, when there is a homicide, it is required that this homicide be reported immediately to local law enforcement. Not so with drug overdose deaths. In the opinion of our DA’s, it would be helpful that overdose deaths be reported immediately allowing law enforcement to act quickly when patterns develop.

This is especially important for the Merrimack Valley where traffickers use Routes 95, 93, and 495 to meet buyers in the conveniently located cities of the Merrimack Valley. It is important that the names of those who die from overdose are protected and not released to the press.

The second piece of legislation is long overdue according to the DA’s – and I agree. “An Act to Assist the Investigation of Serious Crimes” would provide updates to our wiretapping laws which have not been updated for several decades.
While I do not understand why our wiretapping laws have not been updated, I do understand the privacy concerns that we all share regarding our personal and professional communications and data.

Accordingly, the changes require the same court orders, warrants and demonstrations of probable cause as current law. Changes requested by law enforcement add communication technology such as cell phone communication to the list of communication technologies that the police may use to conduct surveillance under strict judicial supervision. These changes will allow for more effective surveillance of narcotics and human trafficking.
I have sponsored numerous other pieces of legislation that are summarized on my website. They pertain to care for our Veterans, local issues, economic development, transparency, energy and the environment, health care, education, and public service.

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