Ret. Lawrence Firefighter Mike Delaney Receives Officer Tom Duggan Hero Firefighter Award

Retired Lawrence Firefighter Mike Delaney Sr. thought he was coming to the Valley Patriot’s BASH to surprise his son with an Officer Tom Duggan Hero Public Safety Award. But the surprise was on him when it was announced that he had been tricked. “I know you think you are here to surprise your son with this award, but actually he is here to give the award to you.”

Michael J. Delaney comes from a long line of professional firefighters.

His grandfather, Michael Delaney, was a deputy for the Chelsea Fire Department. His father, James Delaney was a lieutenant for the Boston Fire Department. His younger brother, Patrick Delaney, is currently a captain for Lawrence Fire Department and his son, Michael H. Delaney is also a Lawrence firefighter. Michael’s long line of fire service extends to seventeen family members serving or have served across the Commonwealth from 1924 to present day.

Michael J. Delaney was appointed to the Lawrence Fire Department on April 26, 1987. He spent most of his time in South Lawrence at Ladder 9, Engine 9, and Ladder 4. Throughout his career, he served the citizens of Lawrence as a front-line firefighter. From the start of his career, Lawrence was known as the “Arson Capital of the World”. Apart from the many fires, Michael fought throughout his career, some notable moments of his bravery are:

● In 1994, Michael worked through the Malden Mills fire .
● 3/13/95 Commendation for medical assist on Crosby St.
● 4/25/97 Commendation for rescue on the Merrimack River of a boat going over the falls
● 2/21/00 Commendation for actions at 441 South Broadway where he was coming back from a call, noticed a fire in progress and rescued tenants from the building
● 1/21/08 Was 1st on scene during the conflagration at Parker and Springfield St.
● Rescued a dog out of the Merrimack River
● Retired on April 29, 2016
● In retirement, during December 2017, alongside three other Lawrence Firefighters, he administered CPR and saved Brian Boutin, the son of Retired Captain Leo Boutin.

Michael worked at a time before social media, where every heroic action wasn’t documented. Dingy, as he is known to friends, was truly a leader by example for every firefighter who worked with him. He did the job the way it should have been done.

When the bell hits, you’d rather nobody else on the line with you going in to help someone in need. His bravery and knowledge are second to none. His legendary status as an athletic legend throughout the Merrimack Valley was equally matched by his status as a Lawrence firefighter for his career. The memories and the laughs shared by him and the men and women he worked with were the stuff of legends as well. Michael was a strong labor employee and faithfully served under Lawrence Firefighters Union Local 146, answering the call time and time again.

Michael worked his entire career serving the citizens of Lawrence as what fellow firefighters call “a Good Jake.” This term is considered the highest form of praise that firefighters can give to each other. ◊