Revolving Door: Will Lawrence’s Politics Ever Change?

By: Peter Larocque – May 2013

Before I get into Lawrence politics, I would like to share a comment that I posted last week on my Facebook page concerning the Boston Marathon Bombings.

Good morning and God bless you Family and Friends! It has been one week since the horrific event took place in our Boston. Today I would much rather focus on the good and not the ugly. As best hospitals in the world, I thank God. Since they are the best trauma hospitals in the world, with the best doctors and nurses and staff and full blood banks, they were able to replace the huge amount of blood loss immediately. Also the timing of this horrific event took place at the change of shift.

The morning shift volunteered to stay as long as needed as the evening shift was arriving so that all the best hospitals in the world were very well staffed and able to respond to the needs of our fellow citizens. Even in the midst of the ugly, the hand of God was on Boston. Sure, like I said, I would rather the horrific event never happened, but it did and that it happened where it did and when it did, I thank G-d. I also thank God for all the law enforcement and medical personnel that was there who without hesitation knew what to do. G-d Bless you all!!!!!

Now to Lawrence’s politics, this past weekend I received in the mail an invitation to a fundraiser for former City Councilor Nilka Alvarez-Rodriquez who is announcing her plans to run for Councilor-at-Large in the 2013 City elections. My first reaction to the letter was good because in the letter she states that she took the time out of office to focus on her health and family. Then she went on to say that she believed that she was now ready to serve the city again, this time as Councilor-at-Large. My next thoughts were, good for her, go for it!

As the weekend progressed and the Primary Election for the US Senate to replace former US Senator John Kerry, who is now our Country’s Secretary of State, was soon approaching, pictures began to fill Facebook. These pictures were of State Representative Marcos Devers who is supporting and campaigning with Congressman Ed Markey in the City of Lawrence.

These pictures on Facebook are what brought me to my question, will the politics in Lawrence ever change? Look, people have the right in this country to support and campaign for whomever they please, I believe this and stand by it! But pictures do speak a thousand words, like the old saying goes. In these pictures you see State Representative Marcus Devers, City Councilor-at-Large Dan Rivera and Candidate for Mayor of Lawrence, City Councilors Eileen Bernal and Kendrys Vasquez. Then finally last but not least, former City Councilor Nilka Alvarez-Rodriquez and candidate for City Councilor-at-Large.

So what are these pictures saying you might ask? The answer is quite simple; individually these are all wonderful well meaning hard working politicians who would do anything for their constituents. But collectively are all from the same apron strings, a liberal progressive ideology that is little by little destroying the City of Lawrence. I will say it again, each work very hard at what they do and would do almost anything for you, but together they represent an ideology of liberal progressiveness that in the long run is not helping the City of Lawrence at all.

For example, when push comes to shove they will all stand and support Governor Deval Patrick when he runs for President of the United States of America in 2016. How do I know this you may ask, just look at who they are supporting for US Senator!

Could they get any more liberal? Furthermore, they are doing this because their ideology is telling them too and this same ideology will tell them to support Governor Deval Patrick for President. Even knowing that this is the same Governor who is putting the rights of terrorist before the rights of Americans by not releasing exactly what welfare benefits they received while living in Massachusetts!

How does all this affect Lawrence? Again very simple, these are the same people who will also not begin the process of ending the City of Lawrence’s dependency on the State by removing the State Overseer or the State Receiver/Superintendent of Schools. They would much rather not rock the boat of their ideology and keep the City of Lawrence dependent on State oversight for their city budget and the education of the city’s children. This all reminds me of a famous picture taken about four years ago of Lawrence politicians all standing behind one candidate for Mayor, also of this same ideology. What has happened since? Only those who have been living under a rock for the last four years would not know the answer to that!

So in conclusion, will the politics of Lawrence ever change? Not if we continue electing the same politicians with the same ideology over and over again.

God help us who go to work every day and are homeowners and pay our taxes and live in Lawrence!

God bless.