Reyes: Business is Growing in Lawrence and Methuen

By: State Rep. Estela Reyes 6-26-23

I want the Valley Patriot readers to know this month, that having the opportunity to write this column has been really helpful in serving the taxpayers of Methuen and Lawrence.

This column helps me relay important information to the public about what is going on in the state legislature and also gives you an opportunity to reach me and share your concerns.

Since taking office in January, I have been really excited to meet so many people in Methuen who need help with various issues involving state services and state funding for local area projects.

I want to make it clear that anyone who would like the opportunity to meet with me on any issue will be able to do so whether you live in Lawrence or Methuen. If you would like to schedule a meeting with me you can contact my aide and work out a convenient time and location.

Over the last month, I have been getting into the full swing of House session. That means I have been primarily in committee hearings to consider the thousands of bills filed earlier this year. You see, once a bill is filed with the House of Representatives, the journey through the legislative process is long and complicated.

Each bill must go before sub-committees where the details and legality of proposed legislation are discussed and worked out.

So far, most of the hearings I have been involved with have been on; the Committee on Consumer Protection & Professional Licensure (CPPL), and the Committee on State Administration and Regulatory Oversight (SARO).

Here in the community, I am encouraged by the sheer number of new businesses opening their doors throughout Lawrence and Methuen. It is a good sign for our local economy, and I have been working very closely with local officials to increase incentives for locally owned small businesses to open here in the valley.

It is also important to create a stable economic environment for existing businesses to remain in the valley and not be lured away by other officials outside the valley. The longevity of locally owned businesses in the area is particularly commendable given the recent downturns in the economy from COVID and the Columbia Gas explosions.

I am particularly proud to have been able to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Enterprise Bank’s Methuen location on Broadway. It is clear to me that both Lawrence and Methuen are thriving cities for businesses to operate.

I promise to be the best possible partner for economic progress not only for businesses in my district but in the community as a whole.

I have always firmly believed that you cannot help working families and individual laborers better their lives by attacking their employers and penalizing the businesses who pay their salaries.

If you are interested in meeting with me on any state issues, please reach out to my aide ◊