REYES: Looking Back on My First Year


By: Estela Reyes – Jan. 2024

A year goes by fast when each day brings something new, and new it was. It has been an honor to serve as the 4th Essex District elected State Representative this year. 2023 marks my First Legislative Session. I am so proud of the work accomplished at the State House and the effects I see in my community from that work.

An event that was special to me this December was the Legislative Breakfast at the Greater Lawrence Technical School. This breakfast gave local officials a chance to meet with community members involved in the schools. We had an enlightened conversation about the school and how we can best support its students, faculty, and parents.

I believe that it is imperative to include all impacted groups in the conversation when looking to create policy and will continue to do so for GLTS and beyond. Greater Lawrence Technical School also held a beautiful recognition of Leo Lamontagne who is now retired from their School District Committee. Mr. Lamontagne served the school committee for 38 years. His service to them is forever appreciated.
I was also grateful for the invitations to many holiday celebrations in my community this December.

Thank you to all of the organizations who celebrated with one another. Thank you to those who arranged charitable donations for children and families to all receive a special gift for the holidays. Your hard work does not go unnoticed.

December is a time when we reminisce on the year behind us, and there is so much I have to look fondly back on in 2023. The first year in this role came with much learning, adapting, networking, and planning. There is endless knowledge and wisdom to gather from my colleagues, community leaders, and constituents. I am thankful to all who have supported my growth in this role.

It was a busy year as well, as I was concluding my service on Lawrence’s City Council alongside my role as State Representative. Moving into 2024 I have left the City Council and am excited to devote my full attention to the needs of the 4th Essex District constituents and all Massachusetts residents.

My staff and I have greatly appreciated the warm welcome from Methuen and Lawrence, including their local businesses and their community centers. I have been fortunate with the inspiring conversations and plans I had and the chance to engage with through this role. I am eager to dive back into this Second Legislative Session to see those plans roll into action.

I hope you all had a warm, happy, and healthy holiday season. In 2024 I am looking forward to meeting more of you and passing bills into law. Please, continue to reach out to with any thoughts, questions, or concerns, and follow my Facebook @EstelaReyesForStateRepresentative for timely updates. Happy New Year. ◊