RIP Axel – Chelmsford K-9


By: Tracey Zysk – April 2012

On March 23, 2012 Chelmsford Police K-9 Axel took his final ride in his police cruiser. Axel, a 5yr old Czechoslovakian shepherd passed away from a strong fought battle with cancer.

A couple of years ago I had the pleasure of interviewing Axel’s handler Officer David Leo. In that interview Officer Leo raved about his dog, his partner. He couldn’t have been more proud to speak of Axel’s accomplishments from search to narcotic tracking. Officer Leo was thrilled to train with his dog and more excited about letting Axel work on a call.

I clearly remember the adrenalin Officer Leo had talking about his partner. A K-9 handler and his dog were never separated. As the work shift ends the relationship doesn’t. K-9’s go home with their handler and integrate into the family life. A K-9 officer and his dog are together 365 days a year, seven days a week. They really are the true example of a “partner”.

RIP Axel, you will be missed by the Chelmsford police dept, your community, your family and every person you came in contact with in your career. Most importantly in the heart of your handler, your partner and your friend … will never be forgotten…