Ron Paul’s Dangerous Ideas

Valley Patriot Editorial


Rep. Ron Paul
Rep. Ron Paul

October, 2011

Presidential candidate Ron Paul continues to promote the flawed concept that terrorists should be protected by the constitution.

He recently decried the killing of Al-Queda operative Al-Awlaki, saying that because the Muslim terrorist was an American citizen he should have been arrested, prosecuted and tried in a criminal courtroom.

If Mr. Paul had his way the constitution would be a suicide pact. This is the same kind of thinking that led to 9/11.

War is not a Criminal justice matter. Those who think we can fight a war with warrants and trials are naïve and dangerous.

There are domestic crimes to be investigated by police, prosecuted by DA’s and tried in criminal courts. Then there are wars which are to be conducted by the military and the CIA. This man wasn’t a domestic criminal who held up a bank, he was a soldier in a terrorist army.

We should never confuse the protections of our constitution on criminal justice matters with matters of war. And make no mistake about it we are at war, or at least they are!

But people like Ron Paul want our military heroes to serve warrants on the battlefield instead of killing our enemies. We say this is just one more reason Ron Paul should never hold elected office, much less be president.