Salem Police and Fire Departments Provide Update on Gas Leak


SALEM– Deputy Police Chief Joel Dolan and Fire Chief Lawrence Best wish to provide an update on the major gas leak in Salem today.

A gas line was damaged by a private contractor conducting work for the town on South Broadway Monday morning, and gas service was turned off at approximately 11:30 a.m. by Unitil.

The repairs to the gas line are estimated to be completed by 6 p.m. on Monday. Restoration of gas service to customers is anticipated to take between eight and 12 hours as each of 325 effected gas customers, including the town’s schools, fire station headquarters, town hall and senior center, have their gas manually restored by gas technicians.

“Residents are urged to evacuate if they smell gas,” Fire Chief Best said. “If you think you may have a leak, do not try to turn off your gas service yourself and do not turn on any electric devices. Call for help, and wait for a professional to respond to your home.”

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Anyone who smells gas or believes they may have a gas leak in their home or business is urged to call Unitil’s Gas Emergency line at 866-900-4115. Affected areas include customers on Geremonty Drive, Main Street, North Broadway, Sally Sweets Way and South Broadway.

“Thankfully, the weather today is rather warm for a mid-January day, as hundreds of residents are without heat,” Deputy Chief Dolan said. “However, the cold still poses a concern for many, and we encourage everyone to check in on those who are ill or elderly and may need assistance.” Residents with questions or concerns can call the town’s Emergency Operations Center at 603-685-6922.