Salem’s SeVmar’s Mediterranean Bistro Opens a New Place in Methuen

Jocelyn Maroun with State Senator Pavel Payano and Lawrence City Councilor Stephany Infante

By Maureen Rooseboom

People love to come to the SeVmar Mediterranean Bistro at the corner of Main Street and Shannon Road in Salem, N.H. because it’s a cozy fun place to eat.

Jocelyn Maroun says she worked in this Salem restaurant (formerly called the Salem Kabob) her parents owned when she was in high school at Central Catholic a few years ago.

Now she’s back with her partner Kelvin Severino and has opened a new SeVmar bistro in Methuen, the place where she grew up.

“It’s called Jocelyn’s by SeVmar. We have a great staff, and good traditional Mediterranean food,” Jocelyn said.

“I have an incredible partner, Kelvin Severino who handles the business end of things, while I handle the front end and customer service.”

“We make a good team,” she added. “He likes to give extra touches in details, décor and design, while I have a good sense for the customer experience.”

She went on to add, “We have all organic and fresh food. We also offer a lot of vegan and gluten-free food as well.”

Jocelyn’s also happy they can interchange the kitchen staff and serving staff from both restaurants.

She’s says she and Kelvin are excited to make this new place on Merrimack St. in Methuen (the old Sahtaine and Savastano’s) as cozy, happy and intimate a place as the one in Salem. ◊