Salisbury Town Manager Neil Harrington Failed to File Mandated Annual Town Reports for 13 Years

Board of Selectmen Gave Positive Evaluations for Each of Those Years


Town records show that Salisbury Town Manager Neil Harrington has not filed state-mandated annual town reports from fiscal years 2002 through 2007, and also failed to file annual town reports from fiscal years 2016 to 2022.

The Valley Patriot also confirmed the fact that Harrington has been derelict in his Town Manager duties through the State Library, where the Annual Reports must be archived according to MGL Ch. 40, Section 49.

“A copy of such fiscal year reports shall be transmitted by the town clerk to the state library before the first day of November. A town may also by by-law provide for the printing of all reports of town officers and boards, committees and commissions on a fiscal year basis in place of the calendar year report required by this section.”

Naomi Allen from the State Library told our reporters that the State Library does not have annual reports for any of the above years.


According to the Salisbury Town Charter, Section 4-2 section (e); Powers and Duties of the Town Manager;

“(e) To ensure that full and complete records of the financial and administrative activities of the Town are kept, and to render as often as may be required by the Board of Selectmen, but not less than once in each year, a full report of all Town administrative operations during the period reported on as required by Massachusetts General Laws,[1] which report shall be made available to the public in print and electronically.”

According to the Town Charter, it is the legal responsibility of the Board of Selectmen to hold the Town Manager accountable for doing the report.

Research by Valley Patriot reporters reveal that for each of the years Town Manager Neil Harrington failed in his legal duties to provide an annual town report, yet the Board of Selectmen gave him glowing evaluations and even renewed his contract.

Harrington is a resident of Salem, MA and is running for mayor of that city while he is performing his duties (or not performing his duties) as Salisbury Town Manager.

Harrington is most known by Valley Patriot readers for his refusal to turn over public documents and forcing this newspaper to file complaints with the Secretary of State’s Public Records Division and enlist the help of a local state senator to get access to documents that Harrington was trying to conceal. ◊