Scolas Restaurant Reborn! 



Scola’s Restaurant was originally a deli & sandwich shop from the North End Of Boston (then established in 1991 in Dracut, Massachusetts).

Back then, Scola’s started as a deli with paper plates and a takeout counter, but grew into what it is today.

Scolas, Tony FurtadoThey specialize in Italian-American cuisine as chef/owner Tony Furtado likes to say, “we’re not just an Italian Restaurant.”

“I create great food with my amazing chefs on a daily basis,” he continued.

“To those who used to come in prior to my wife and I buying it, that Scola’s is now full of life and energy. We’re reborn, starting from the top. I only buy the best ingredients veal, lamb,steaks, seafood and more. We now make a select amount of homemade pastas for those who enjoy classic fresh pasta. We make our desserts and have special seasonal options for those who have a sweet tooth. Creating is what we do and we take pride in making everything from scratch the old school/ hard way. But it’s the only way! In my opinion … our soups & sauces our all made from scratch. We’re a scratch kitchen and when you order a meal we make it on the spot and this means we don’t get our sauces Marsala, Bianco, marinara, or Alfredo sauce from a bag. We make it from scratch and you will tell the difference.” 

“I’m honored now to be the owner of such an important establishment and I have the responsibility to keep Scola’s alive and to thrive in the future. Scola’s Is much bigger then me and many many memories have been created inside these walls. I’m the third owner in 26 years and have had the special privilege to work with both of the previous owners.”

“The original owner sold it to my parents and prior to buying Scola’s I was sent in to train under Joes & Eddies wing to learn a lot from those months I spent during the transition.”

“When my parents bought Scola’s in 2005 we came into work side by side with his staff and I can say with the greatest sincerity that the team I have built today is a real team and more like family. This team now is the most talented by far and we have real Chefs and hard loyal employees that have the same goals as Brenda and I. Our goals today are to try our very best and to make you the customer happy.”

“I worked for 7 years for my family and left to manage another food establishment with not ever thinking I would come back. When I found out that it was up fore-sale I asked my parents if I could purchase it. We took all of our savings and bought Scola’s knowing hard was ahead. Like I said and meant it that this restaurant means a lot to me and I used to come here before my family owned it for graduations, and even my first date nights with my girlfriend Brenda at the time and now we’re married with 3 kids and the owners of this amazing Restaurant which will always be close to my heart. The truth is when I left for the 4 years my parents simply had enough after years in the business and had the wrong people manage it while trusting them as I was gone. This would be visible as to my return it wasn’t the same Scola’s as I remembered.”



“Its been so amazing to see all the old faces and get to come back and revive Scola’s to what it was and bring it even further. I was here before and I can say that with honesty. 

I knew I had a mountain to climb when I purchased it less then 2 years ago with that challenge I started from step one and made sure to buy the best and to make the best possible food. Going back to the basics and fundamentals are always the building blocks of all businesses, and that’s what we’ve done. I’m very passionate, and we all try so very hard everyday. I hold my staff up to a high standard because I work side by side in the trenches with them. I no-longer worry about the past as I wasn’t here for the decline but I’m focused on today and we work hard everyday to make it a better place for all to enjoy for another 26 years. The atmosphere and food will speak for itself!”


There are some new items on the menu to try out and for those who have allergies or gluten-intolerants. Scola’s take care of many special requests with care all the time. The new menu has Gluten free options, vegetarian, paleo friendly, keto genic & if your on a low sodium diet please specify when placing your order. We take this very serious and want to help out if we can. We’ve added a new kids menu that Scola’s never had in the past. Kids pizza, chicken tenders, or grilled chicken with rice or broccoli and much more.”

“One great thing we’ve added is that kids eat free while dining in-house only with a purchase of a regular entree between Tuesday-Thursday.

“I did this because I know how hard it can be to bring your kids out to eat and afford it. For this reason our takeout family meals are very popular, and if you haven’t heard about them you need to call & find out what your missing. It’s for takeout only and our family meals are designed to feed aprox 4-6 people and to replace frozen dinners and fast food. Call in the family meal and we will cook it on the spot and from scratch within 20/30 minutes. So if you have school or extra curricular activities and no time to cook we will do it from scratch.”

“If you have guests over and want real food, our family meals will save the day. We’ve added two new family meals; grilled chicken or steak tips with rice and broccoli, as a healthy option for everyone. Our biggest sellers are still the family chicken parmesan, or chicken broccoli & ziti!”

“Our lunch menu is affordable and with lots to pick from like salad, soups, sandwiches, and lots of great choices for everyone. We make Sandwiches as they were done in the North End many moons ago and made with homemade braided Italian bread. Were open for lunch and we will get you in and out during your break or call for takeout. An addition all senior citizens get free coffee or tea and dessert during lunch. Another great deal we offer is a Dinner for two from Sunday-Thursday which is under $30 and you get quite the variety of options including soup or salad & dessert.”

“We still have our Scola’s Signature Specialties from 26 years ago and make them the same way as instructed by the original-owner. We specialize in catering/party trays and great for small to large gatherings and special events. Tell us how many people your feeding and what your thinking for choices and we will walk you through it to make sure there’s variety and enough food for everyone. We have a private function room that can hold up to 70 people for any private function. There’s no room fee and we will help you at your greatest celebration or for a celebration of life.”

“I take a lot of pride in making sure my customers are taken care of. This is not a gimmick, I’m not a salesman, I’m as real as it gets, and making the customers happy is always the ultimate goal at all times. Keep in mind, if there’s an old entree that you liked and it’s not on our current menu, if you know the name or what the description is we will make it. If we have the product we will always say yes, just ask!”

“Then there’s our new creations and the best way to see what we’ve been doing since we took over is on Facebook & Instagram . Making specials keeps our knives and minds sharp as being creative is what pushes us to improve while having fun. As what I do I truly love it! For all local schools and sports teams & more we have reached out and now do fundraisers, charities and dine for dough is one of those school fundraisers that we now except and help with. Our local churches schools and veterans are always on my list to help out with. If you have something let me know and we can brainstorm and try to help out.” 


“My wife Brenda & I are one hell of a team and we work countless hours while trying to maintain a healthy family life with our 3 amazing children. It’s not easy but it’s what we love to do. Brenda’s now the face you will meet out front as she’s the glue to this operation as I’m usually out back cooking with my extended family. For those who don’t know I will inform you I have been in this business since I was 7 years old as I worked for my family at Jacks Diner in Chelmsford through the 90’s- to 2000.”

“This showed me the ins and outs of the business and this is why I love it so much. I’m the product of a blue collard hard working 1st generation family. My father was born in the Azores (Portugal) and my mothers family immigrated from Sicily (Italy) from Palermo. Both sides are very talented cooks. I’m very blessed to have learnt from the best. Food is a way to show love and respect to your loved ones. While I was very young my father told stories of his very first job in America at The Prince Grotto in Lowell as he started as a dish washer to work his way up the ladder to later be very much respected by the Cassanelli family and cook for the well know Chef & Family.”

“My imagination for cooking and owning my own restaurant was deeply embedded in my soul at such a young age. And to now own Scola’s which was my favorite restaurant since I was a kid is a true blessing and I’m beyond grateful. So please come by to visit and experience a great meal. If you haven’t been in for awhile come back to see what your missing out on. I promise to keep Scola’s alive and to make sure there’s only one original Scola’s. Come break bread with our famous Scali and experience the New reborn Scola’s. 
From your point of view.”

Tony and Furtado
Tony and Brenda Furtado

In the last year Scola’s has become busier due to the hard work they’ve put in. From the simplest of things like the onions rings being cut fresh and hand battered , & same with chicken tenders as they use fresh tenders and hand batter and fry per order. They don’t do frozen, they are the epitome of a scratch kitchen done with love. Hand rolled meatballs, tender veal, fresh seafood, outstanding sauces and to boot the soups are made fresh daily. He doesn’t do anything half-fast and when cooking he puts his passion in the front seat and makes sure all is done with an old school mindset with a new school energy. We’ve had nothing but a great experience since Tony & Brenda has taken over and want others to experience the same.”

If you get to meet either one of them I can ensure you there genuine, loving and have great qualities for the hard shelled restaurant business. There love for each other shows as they worked relentlessly to make Scola’s what it is today. The word is out and I’m happy to see this legendary restaurant back in a state of happiness and greatness. As people are taking notice and flocking back. It shows that Their dedication is paying off. Passion is an understatement!

Scola’s is in great hands and in the best hands it’s ever been in. Scola’s is truly back and will compete with the best of them. They don’t have marble ceilings and a wonderful view but they have great food, great atmosphere and a staff that makes everyone feel at home. You won’t break the bank dining at Scola’s it’s affordable and you get the same great quality with large portions.

Scola’s # 978-970-3838