Sen. Donoghue – A Showcase of Solutions Looking for a Problem

By: John MacDonald – March, 2018

When will Senator Donoghue work on and support bills that really matter to the people of the 1st Middlesex? Donoghue’s latest proposed bill that pushes “Mass Made” products is yet another example of a solution looking for a problem. On the face of the bill, Massachusetts consumers knowing whether a product is made in Massachusetts is a nice thing, but really what does it matter to the 1st Middlesex business owner trying to keep their doors open for business? Nothing!

While Senator Donoghue seeks the path of least resistance in the State House, by producing meaningless legislation, business owners and tax payers of the first Middlesex wonder why she isn’t working on serious legislation that will make an impact on their daily lives? Why has Donoghue spent time working on “Mass Made” bills, when 1st Middlesex business owners could be helped by her fighting for tax-free weekends, proposed by the Governor and then shot down by Donoghue. Or how about reducing the state sales tax? Does she know how much 1st Middlesex border businesses are negatively impacted by the State of New Hampshire?

Why is Senator Donoghue working on “Time Zone” studies, when parents and students are worrying about school safety? I spoke with grandparents, yesterday that said their grandchild was afraid of school and didn’t want to die. Why hasn’t Senator Donoghue proposed a task force to investigate how we address mental health or how we are identifying and tracking individuals making threats to schools and fellow students on social media? Grandparents, parents and children are terrified. A task force of this nature and action is much more important than “Mass Made” feel good legislation.

Why has Senator Donoghue worked on Legislative pay raises, her own 87% pay raise, when veterans and first responders could use the creation of a task force to study Post Traumatic Stress Disorder! 22 veterans a day commit suicide. Why, because a legislative pay raise was more important, so important that it required an “emergency” vote in the middle of the night.

Now Senator Donoghue, the leader of meaningless legislation seeks to be the City Manager of Lowell. She supports illegal immigration and Massachusetts becoming a sanctuary state. The financial burden she will place on the City of Lowell and the towns of the 1st Middlesex will be profound. Currently the Commonwealth spends $2 Billion per year of taxpayer dollars on illegal immigration, which includes free healthcare, housing and free in-state college tuition. Whether she defends her seat for State Senate or is ushered into leading the City of Lowell, she will cost the tax payers of the 1st Middlesex… dearly.

It’s a dangerous, unethical and immoral time for the City of Lowell, when Eileen Donoghue openly advocates and secures votes in advance of the process to select Lowell’s next City Manager. The people of Lowell deserve better from their elected leaders. Lowell is an important city and it deserves knowledgeable, experienced and honest leadership. The process of selecting the next city manager should be open and the position should be posted at a minimum, statewide.

Lowell City Manager, should not be the consolation prize for Eileen Donoghue, because she lost her bid to become Senate President.
It’s time for the people of the 1st Middlesex to demand better. It’s time to expect more from so-called leaders of the 1st Middlesex. Demand more! It’s time to elect people who understand the needs, dreams and goals of the tax payer. It’s time to elect people who meet with, talk and listen to you.