Senate Adopts DiZoglio Rule Banning Use of Nondisclosure Agreements In Sexual Claims

BOSTON — The Massachusetts State Senate has unanimously passed a change to senate rules banning nondisclosure agreements (NDAs) regarding incidents of sexual assault, harassment, or discrimination.

The rule change, proposed by Senator Diana DiZoglio, D-Methuen, was passed Thursday during a formal session of the senate as part of a customary rules package which is debated and passed at the start of each legislative session.

In addition to banning NDAs, the rule change also bans similar clauses in an agreement or contract, and enforcing previously entered into NDAs.

Following the passing of the rule change, Sen. DiZoglio said she is pleased to see her new senate colleagues adopt this rule.

“This rule change establishes an important precedent for this legislature,” said DiZoglio, who was sworn in as senator for the 1st Essex District this month after serving three terms in the house.

“The senate has spoken today in favor of more openness and accountability in state government.”

During her speech on the senate floor Thursday, DiZoglio said that nondisclosure agreements have been used and abused by many powerful men during the #MeToo era and implored the senate to maintain its record of transparency.

“Any use of nondisclosure agreements, which silence victims of assault, harassment or discrimination, while protecting powerful perpetrators who may