Shawn Hansen’s Comedy Corner with Brad Sherwood

hansenBy: Shawn Hansen – October 8, 2014

Shawn Hansen has never written a Question and Answer interview for The Valley Patriot until now (his 84th article with The VP – Not that Anyone is counting): So enjoy the read and go out to the Lowell Memorial Auditorium at 50 East Merrimack Street in Lowell to see Comedians Brad Sherwood and Colin Mochrie of Whose Line is it Anyways perform on Sunday, November 09, 2014 at 7 p.m.

SH: What do you feel of performing at the LMA?

BS: “I love coming back,” said Sherwood. “I think this will be our fourth time, maybe even more. We love going back to towns we’ve been to in the past because people come back to see us over and over again and we keep the show changing all the time so they get a new experience.”

HS: What can fans expect?

BS: “We basically hand the keys in the car to the audience and then they drive where they want to go. We really put the power of the show in their hands and they give us suggestions of what all the scenes are going to be about and we bring people on stage with us throughout the show so really its about us turning something they give us into something funny.”

SH: Improv-Wise, you started as a comedian. What year did you start and what is the favorite Improv game you played?

BS: “I like the singing Improv games because they make my brain work the fastest because you’re trying to make sense and rhyme and stay in key and do some type of song genre at the same time so that’s a lot of plates that you have to keep spinning in your brain. I just liked comedy when I was a kid. I loved reading Mad Magazine and watching Monty Python so I just always gravitated to funny and wanted to be funny so just kept doing it until I was funny.”

 SH: Who were some of the people you looked up to when growing up?

BS: “I loved Monty Python, Don Knotts, Art Carney from The Honeymooners, Tim Conway from the Carol Burnett Show, they were some of my favorites.

 SH: Tell me about Whose Line is it Anyways, the relationship you have with Drew Carey, Colin Mochrie and the rest of the crew.

BS: “The shows back on the air and its on the CW now and Aisha Tyler is the new host because Drew can’t break away from giving people cars but he is great. We are still longtime friends, we get together when I’m in town and the rest of the guys I see when we do shows together. Colin and I have been in a partnership now for 11-Years doing shows for it seems like forever now.”

SH: What’s the funniest moment you share with Drew Carey or Colin Mochrie?

BS: “Oh God! There’s so many it’s hard to even remember. I’m trying to think, we’ve gone on vacations together with Drew and have done cruises and stuff so we’ve had so many silly memories that I’m sure has something to do with alcohol probably at a Browns game.”

SH: Appearing in Digimon Data Squad, Just for Laughs, Jane White is sick and twisted as well as Whose Line is it Anyways and Dating Game, what was your favorite show to appear in and why?

BS: “I think my favorite show is doing Whose Line.’ Making people laugh and performing live are my two favorite things and when we taped Whose Line, it’s a live comedy performance in front of a live audience; there just happens to be cameras there so that’s probably my favorite thing. I liked when I hosted Dating Game back in the 90s. That was fun because I watched it growing up as a kid so to be part of a classic TV legacy was a really fun thing to do.

As the Question and Answer portion of this article came to a conclusion, Sherwood said, “When you see Improv live it’s even more fun then watching the TV show because you really get to see us have to make it up right in front of your very eyes.”  He then proceeded to explain the cautions that from watching Whose Line on television some people may not believe that they make everything up on the spot. 

  “A lot of people are skeptical that there was down time and they would edit stuff on the show and we had moments to think about an idea before we went on stage but that is not the case,” explained Sherwood.

  For more information about the Lowell Memorial Auditorium go to and for tickets go to or call 1-978-937-8688.

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