Shawn Hansen’s Comedy Corner with Pablo Francisco

By: Shawn Hansen – Dec. 2016

pf-picIn the midst of the holiday season, I interviewed comedian Pablo Francisco the day after Thanksgiving and ironically will be going to his show the day after Christmas on December 26, 2016.

The Wilbur Theatre has sat comfortably at 246 Tremont Street in Boston since 1913 as comedians and musicians have entertained venues there for the past century “plus three years.”

Going to the Wilbur Theatre the day after Christmas, Francisco said, “The experience is absolutely phenomenal” when performing at the club.

For the holidays, the comic that hails from Tuscan, Arizona jokingly said he goes to a place called Christie’s Cabaret, gets $5 dances, $2 pot stickers and said it is fun for the entire family. Comedy aside, Francisco said he enjoys spending time with his family in and around the Tuscan area.

Known to be one of the most popular comedians to venture out of the country, Francisco went to Australia, South Africa, Amsterdam and London to perform and mentioned, “I went to Community College, so I don’t really know how much countries are out there.” Bringing his comedy into play, Francisco said the best countries in the world are Boston and Miami (even though he knows they are cities in Massachusetts and Florida).

Performing with Steve Kramer for the past three-years and knowing him for 20-years, Francisco said he learns how to impersonate different people from Kramer.

“Steve Kramer is a guy I do shows with and he’s the one that teaches me impersonations and he is going to be on the show as well.” Talking to Francisco about the impressions he does, he did a dead on Mark Whalberg saying “Hey man, yah doing good” and said “You need to come down to the show my friend” sounding like Donald Trump. “I do dead-on impressions sometimes but nothing like Frank Caliendo, Rich Little or those guys. I am lucky to be in the mix with these guys.”

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