Shawn Hansen’s Comedy Corner with Paul Reiser

April, 2015

Paul ReiserInterviewing Actor/Comedian/Author Paul Reiser on “Tax Day” April 15, 2015 he said, “So what can I tell yah? Your job is to fill that theater, Shawn, again, no pressure.”

Not performing in Boston for a long time, Reiser said that he cannot wait to do standup at The Wilbur Theatre on Friday, May 08, 2015 at 7:30 p.m. at 246 Tremont Street in Boston as he never performed at the Wilbur.

Currently Reiser is keeping himself busy working on independent films and just recently getting back into the standup comedy routine as he took 20-years off.

“I’m developing a show and it takes eight months to develop a contract and then they say you can start writing,” said Reiser.

A film entitled “6 Miranda Drive” will be coming out this fall that was created from an Australian director. “The fun I had was to work with Kevin Bacon,” said Reiser. “I had my first film job with him in a movie called Diner and I think that it was Kevin’s second or third film. We have been friends since but haven’t worked together since.”

This movie that Reiser plays in is based on a true story about a family that recently went on vacation to the Grand Canyon as a fear-feeding force came home with them.

Will Smith’s movie “Concussion” is a true story that is coming out on Christmas Day.

“In the Will Smith movie, I took the small part and I gave Will the big part because I try to help him out when I can,” said Reiser. “It’s very gracious of me.”

The true story of “Concussion” is created from the article “Game Brain” that was published in Gentlemen’s Quarterly (GQ) and spoke about the dangers of concussions and playing in the National Football League.

Resier plays the part of New York Jets physician Dr. Elliot Pellman in Concussion, Smith is Dr. Bennet Omalu.

When Reiser “rises” to the occasion of performing at The Wilbur Theatre for his first time on Friday, May 08, 2015 at 7:30 p.m., he laughed and said people most definitely won’t see any juggling, magic, singing or music and dance routine.

He said doing comedy in his 50s is better than doing it in his 20s because he has more to talk about and has more stories to tell.  From being married to raising children, Resier likes to base his comedy off of events that have occurred to him in his life.

“People always come up to me and either have a favorite episode (Mad About You) or favorite joke and say, ‘Oh my wife and I do this joke’ and I don’t even remember the joke but they said they have been using that joke for 20-Years,” said Resier.

The Wilbur Theatre is located at 246 Tremont Street in Boston and for tickets go to For more information about Kathleen go to

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