She Still Does Not Get It

By: Jeff Katz – April, 2019

Every so often you run into someone who just does not get it. You know the type, the guy who keeps telling you how best to lose weight even though he’s lugging around an extra hundred pounds. Or the person with no children who wants to lecture you on the proper way you should raise yours. The clueless boob who is talking loudly on their phone in the movie theater and cannot understand how you could have the temerity to ask them to stop. Let’s add one more to the list. The Presidential candidate who has failed multiple times but still cannot bring herself to understand why.

After a few months of hiding under a rock somewhere in Chappaqua, New York it appears that Hillary Clinton has emerged and is once again ready to lecture all of us on everything. Before launching in to a speech on the best way to have a successful marriage or gracing us with some insightful tips on proper email etiquette, the woman who would not be President thought it best to explain to all of us why she’s still a private citizen instead of leader of the free world.

In a rather chummy setting with her New York Times chum Little Nicky Kristof tossing her underhand softballs, Mrs. Clinton opined on the reasons for her latest crushing defeat. According to her, the WikiLeaks hack of her campaign’s email caused a big part of this. You’ll recall that the emails revealed the disgusting, bigoted and insulting thoughts the Clintonistas embraced. The underhanded efforts by Team Clinton and their unindicted co-conspirators at the Democrat National Committee to throw the election for Hillary were exposed in those emails, too. Hillary Clinton never once denied any of the substance of the emails but once again those pesky facts really torpedoed her.

Next on her hit list?


Why? Why not? The official leftist narrative is that somehow, someway the Russians “hacked” the electoral process. Pressed for details, you soon realize that there are none. There’s not a single instance of Russia tapping in to a voting machine anywhere in America nor is there a solitary case of the Russians stealing paper ballots and casting them for someone other than Mrs. Clinton. But once again, facts be damned.

Hillary Clinton calls out two people by name who, she claims, really are responsible for her losing to Donald J. Trump. Number one on her list is Valdimir Putin, because after all he’s clearly responsible for those imaginary Russian ballot box thefts. Number two is James Comey, because he dared to tell the truth about her despicable conduct when handling highly classified material.

Finally, Hillary Clinton announced that “Certainly misogyny played a role.” Yup, Hillary Clinton is convinced that a misguided and unfounded hatred of women was responsible for her failure to become the first female President of the United States, despite the fact that the majority of female voters cast their ballots for her opponent.

Mrs. Clinton, it’s not a hatred of women that cost you the election. It was the hatred for one woman and that woman is you. Frankly, disliking you is one of the few things that Americans seem to agree on. You offended millions of Americans on the left and the right with your hateful rhetoric and devious behavior.

Hillary Clinton blames Russia, WikiLeaks, Comey, Putin and misogyny for her loss. Conspicuous by its absence is the one name that belongs at the very top of that list, Hillary Clinton. She still does not get that she’s the anti-Sally Field and that’s why she’s not President.